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Sweden: “We’re on our way…” Even more Muslim migrants are invited to freely rape Swedish women

The rape wave in Sweden and Norway can continue unhindered, endorsed by the Government.
Both countries have made the decision to allow even more muslims to enter and occupy their country. The countries are responsible for severe government neglect for women’s safety, while official statistics have shown that muslim men are shockingly overrepresented in total rape crimes. No wonder Scandinavia is a favored destination for Muslim migrants, who are already keeping entire regions in suspense and fear with violence, rapes and attacks.
What country is this stupid they increase immigration from known problem groups?  Surely there must be a severe breach against citizen rights and national security with these decisions.

“We’re on our way…”. Sweden’s new ‘skilled’ Islamic laborers have been invited in even higher numbers and are on their way. Muslim men lead all rape statistics and have put Sweden on the map as the world’s “rape capital”.

 Sweden is not only a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, we are like one big magnet directed toward the Middle East and North Africa. Now the Immigration Service to raise its forecast for the number of new asylum seekers 34000-38000 this year, while for 2013 the figures are much higher: 33000-41000.

The estimate includes the circus with the unaccompanied grown men who pretend to be children. Earlier this year, raising one digit to 3 100th Now raise it again to 3400 for 2012 and next year 3300-3500 which is a record level.

Most asylum seekers come from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia, which “imposes new demands on the system for receiving, installation, introduction activities and community action.”

The calculated levels for the entire group of asylum seekers are the highest throughout the 2000s and means that the Migration Board must be able to handle about 40 000 new asylum cases annually during the next biennium.

Common to all asylum seekers from the expected three largest source countries – Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria – is that the greater proportion meets the legal requirements for residence permits. This means that the Immigration Service as well as municipalities need to strengthen their capacity to receive.

While the number of asylum seekers from Syria increases showing the Migration Board statistics of the first half of the number of applicants from including Afghanistan and Somalia is at a much higher level than the corresponding period last year.

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12 thoughts on “Sweden: “We’re on our way…” Even more Muslim migrants are invited to freely rape Swedish women

  1. Two largest groups of people are Asians who are too busy/good for a ‘liar’. And Hispanics who think they can interfere with anyone/any-time and it won’t matter in the long run. Families who made it and people who are confident in not having a family are living in countries like Scandinavia to better help the wilder Middle Eastern kind on their way to discovery. They become parents who live in puberty though they are obviously past it and have no morals and values to teach their children who are subject to everything rude. Rapist get away and everyone is depressed. It really bothers me men think of themselves that cute because they have a ball of sperm. That is their weapon against women. Women must have their rights. Stop attacks and scaring people away, if that all there is to inviting middle eastern and Muslims then stop doing it and let them figure what they are made of. Why should a woman be afraid of everything all the time to advance because it impresses north Europeans ? It’s too depressed why can’t men know what to do in their life and women know how to act and not be annoying ?


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  5. “Rape” is nonsense, it´s all politically correct feminist newspeak. Rape is just an easy way out for sluts who fuck random men and don´t want to look bad. I am a man. I don´t believe in rape. Justice for Assange! (Incidentally, accused by 2 Swedish feminist women…)


  6. where are the swedish men? What are they doing? If the police cannot protect the swedish woman then the men need to inflict themselves onto these muslim rapists – bullies wont stop until they are stopped.


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  8. sorry for double posting, i just want to make this clear. I respect muslim people. I DO NOT respect rapists and criminals from any religion.


  9. so the government of scandinavia condemned anti catholic black metal musicians when they burned down catholic churches in the 90’s but now they allow trash muslim men to enter their country and rape their women freely? Ive never been in scandinavia but i love their culture and hope to live there one day. Man i would enjoy beating the crap out of these rapist muslims. Kill all these filthy men and burn their holy bucks on their face.


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