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Norway: Government invite more rapists to settle: Somalis, Afghans and Iraqis top list of new citizens

And Norway’s immense stupidity and self-loath just continues without fail — Norway: Somalis, Afghans and Iraqis top list of new citizens. The same group of past immigrants who commit the most rapes and violent crimes in the country. Would you not imagine that politicians would LEARN something from their crime statistics?
The original article’s headline is a bit misleading, since the three groups together make up about 30% of new citizens.
Sweden is not far behind in completely stupidity and failure to take proactive measures to protect their women. Swedish Immigration Services has decided to raise its forecast for the number of new asylum seekers 34000-38000 this year (2012), while for 2013 the figures are much higher: 33000-41000.
The estimate includes the circus with the unaccompanied grown men who pretend to be children. Earlier this year, raising one digit to 3 100th Now raise it again to 3400 for 2012 and next year 3300-3500 which is a record level. Most asylum seekers to Sweden come from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia, which “imposes new demands on the system for receiving, installation, introduction activities and community action.”



“I don’t want to be a victim again” — one of Norway’s Muslim rape victim’s speak out.

Most new citizens from Somalia

May 29, 2012

Norway attracted 14,300 new citizens last year and around 2,100 came from Somalia, which ranked as the largest single group of immigrants taking on Norwegian nationality. More than half of all Norway’s new citizens are women.

State statistics bureau SSB reported last week that 53 percent of Norway’s new citizens were women and a third of all new citizens were under the age of 18.

Immigrants from Afghanistan followed those from Somalia as the next-largest group of new citizens, with 1,300 officially becoming Norwegian. Persons from Iraq were third, totalling 950 new citizens.

All told, 41 percent of the new Norwegian citizens came from Asia, and 32 percent from Africa. Around 18 percent came from other European countries.

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