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Norway: (Muslim) Immigrants behind almost all reported assault rapes in Oslo

YOUNG MEN FROM OTHER COUNTRIES COMMIT MAJORITY OF RAPES: according to published statistics, says police officer Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police. Photo: Marte Vike Arnesen

All 41 reviews and assault rapes in Oslo during the last three years, according to police committed by non-Western immigrants.

– Predators are relatively young men who come from other countries. They are often asylum seekers and often come from traumatized country or country with a completely different view women than we have in Norway, says Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police violence and sexual division of NRK.

She says the perpetrators are either traumatized or psychologically damaged, or that they come from a country where violence against women is common.

– We see that several of them have of women indicating that they at any time to take control of other people, preferably women, says Rohde.

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Severe violence

There are men with Kurdish or African background that dominates the statistics. None of the reviews involving ethnic Norwegian perpetrators.

The characteristics of assault rapes, the threat or use of violence.

The police think it needed more preventive work among men with immigrant background.

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9 thoughts on “Norway: (Muslim) Immigrants behind almost all reported assault rapes in Oslo

  1. Rape can be stopped by the vulnerable population. Laws only come in after incidents have happened but we want the women and girls to stop rape on their own and we can do this through education and training of prevention and self protection strategies. We are already running such programs in Kenya and Eastern Congo where rape is more serious than it is Norway or Sweden. Women and girls require to learn some 39 self defense skills and they can deal with any rape attacks no matter the number of rapists,whether armed or not and irrespective of how strong they may be. Get in touch with Dolphin anti rape Outreach on email address’ for help instead of complaining that rape is a problem and yet it is the easiest problem to solve.


    • Get real! Women who may be as small as a child (or indeed may BE a child, as muslims do rape children very often) are supposed to fend off one or more large, strong, muscular men? Talk about blaming the victim. You must be muslim.

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