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Norway shocker: Insane Kari Helene Partapuoli defend Muslim rapists

How can Europe battle their escalating rape problems when they entertain delusional spokesmen like Kari Helene Partapuoli, serving as apologist for a Middle Eastern totalitarian political movement?
Kari Helene Partapuoli, leader and head of the Anti Racist Centre in Norway, has publicly opposed the Norwegian police’s own statements on rape in the capital.
Islam is an organization that reward hatred of women, encourages sexual assault, honour killings and sodomy of infants. There is no law within Sharia that forbids oppression and abuse of women. Therefore, in muslim countries men are never convicted of crimes against women. Seem even in Europe they are free to commit these crimes.

Rather than making apologies on behalf of brutal rapists, Kari Helene Partapuoli should focus on the reality whether Norway has a long standing problem with specific immigrant groups (=muslims) and may need to consider a ban on muslim immigrants for their own safety. Or whether Norway can actually see any signs of muslim integration in society at all, and their ability to respect the laws in their host countries. This sign of integration and compliance is not being seen in other countries facing problems with muslim immigrants.

Islamo-apologist Kari Helene Partapuoli want to defend Muslim rapists in Norway and trivialize the high numbers of rape committed by a mere 1.8% Muslim population in her country.

[Google translate]  (AP: VG NETT, Norway) The head of the Anti Racist Centre dishes criticism of the Oslo police statements in connection with the assault rapes in Oslo.

– If one is to generalize it must be put in context, says head of the Anti-Racist Centre, Kari Helene Partapuoli.

Police said Wednesday NRK that there are men with Kurdish or African background that dominates the statistics of the 41 assault rapes that have taken place in Oslo in the last three years. The police also stated that the perpetrators are often traumatized asylum seekers and men who come from countries with another of women than the Norwegian.

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16 000 rapes per year

– The assault rapes are few compared to the big picture. There are a large number of rapes that occur in an ethnic Norwegian context as well. It is estimated that there are approximately 16 000 rapes annually in Norway, and these 41 assault rapes in Oslo for three years to make up a small part of this, says Partapuoli.

– The police also highlights that these men have a bad outlook on women, but all these 16,000 rapes a year are performed by men with poor views of women, she says.

[Note: actual police statistics show that muslim men are responsible for 50% of all rapes nationwide while the muslim population only consist of a mere 1.8%. So Partapuoli distorts and misleads the public by only mentioning the 41 violent rapes in Oslo]

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Increased xenophobia

Partapuoli is concerned that police statements leads to increased xenophobia and prejudice.

– These statements do not affect only the men who carried out the rapes, but it affects our view of all men with immigrant background. We never talk about the majority of men with immigrant background are employed, and have a family, she said.

DEBATE: Assault rape in Oslo (in Norweigan)

She points out that police statements give a false impression that only men of foreign descent rape.

– Rape did not come to Norway on immigration, said Partaopouli.

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– Declared statistics

POLICE: Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police believe they have provided statistics. Photo: Marte Vike Arnesen
Police Inspector Hanne Kristin Rohde of the Oslo police violence and sexual division, says that there is no police intend to appoint a group of people, but that they only provided statistics of ethnic background and gender.

– We have presented factual material for NRK, she says.

Police are in contrast to Partapuoli not afraid that the statements could lead to stigmatization and increased xenophobia.

– We stress that we are talking about individuals, and there is no basis for drawing conclusions about the group as a whole based on our figures, says Rohde.


She points out that these are unacceptable actions that are essential to prevent, and police hope to have a focus of several agencies and organizations must work together.

Rohde says that they have received responses afterwards.

– And we are happy. We have a good dialogue with the national immigrant organizations and other individuals and groups. The police are dependent on this dialogue in order to do a good job, she says.

Taking self-criticism

Somali NETWORK: Bash Musse mean you have to use a language in which you do not stigmatize. Photo: Heiko Junge / AP
For the leader of the Somali Network Norway, Bash Musse, however, it seems remarkable that the police designate specific groups of people so directly.

Somali NETWORK: Bash Musse mean you have to use a language in which you do not stigmatize. [Hm, yeah Bash. How about STOP assaulting women and observe Norweigan culture and laws? That would work]

– I do not fully understand the intentions behind it, he says.

Nevertheless, Musse believe the Somalis take self-criticism in the case, and this topic is being discussed a lot internally.

– In particular, this group of rape that are profiled in this month’s edition of Henne [Norweigan magazine], where a Somali girl was raped by several Somali men, have concerned us. We have discussed a lot and especially we want tougher penalties for rape, he said.

SEE ALSO: Children Fathers denies gang rape (in Norweigan)

– Worse for the Kurds

Champagne seems that the police should be careful not to expose vulnerable populations. He is even in the minority advisory group in the police and want to take up the issue of police use of language at the next meeting.

– You must be sure to use a language in which you do not stigmatize. It is even worse for the Kurds than us, they are a specific group of people who are appointed, says Musse and points out that there are over 50 countries in Africa.

He believes, however, that rape is not directly related to the they have another women.

– What does it mean to have a different view women? In Somalia, it means that we have a great respect for women. As our mother or sister.



Europeans are angry and frustrated at this kind of horrible lenience and apologies for rapists, which are over represented by muslim men. Europe today has over 1000% higher crime rate than the USA. The European public want an extradition treaty between Europe and Islamic nations with capital punishment for Muslim extremists and third degree muslim criminals in Europe.

1.  Norway’s Muslim population is a mere 1.8% (in 2011 this makes 84,730 Muslims) yet this particular immigrant group has managed to lead the rape statistics of an entire nation consisting of 4,707,270 million people.

2.  Bash Musse states: “In particular, this group of rape that are profiled in this month’s edition of Henne [Norweigan magazine], where a Somali girl was raped by several Somali men, have concerned us.”

They have only ‘in particular’ concern about rape committed against Somali women – not against women in general or Norwegian women?

3. Bash Musse then states: “In Somalia, it means that we have a great respect for women. As our mother or sister.”

Judging by the social status and situation of women in Somalia, this statement could not be further from the truth and is ridiculous. It clearly demonstrates, as always, how Muslims always wear blinders to their human rights violations and always seek to defend it rather than change it.

4. The Norwegian police report:

The police report referred to is Voldtekt i den globale byen (Rape in the global city, May 2011) which provides a detailed analysis of the rape statistics in Oslo during 2010. The report shows that, of 131 individuals charged with the 152 rapes in the capital of Oslo which the perpetrator could be identified, 45.8% were of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin while 38.2% were of Norwegian citizenship (including foreigners with Norwegian passports), 13.7% European citizens (including foreigners with European passports) and 2.3% American citizens. Thus muslims make up a minimum 45.8% while the religion or origin is not clarified on the citizens from Europe, Norway or America.

The discussion is based on the figures for “assault rape”, i.e. rape aggravated by physical violence, a category that included 6 of the 152 cases and 5 of the 131 identified individuals. All of those 5 individuals were indeed of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin. The police relied on the description provided by the victim, “8 of the perpetrators were African / dark-skinned appearance, 5 were Western / light / Nordic and 4 had an Asian appearance”.  That makes 12 out of 17 witness reporting, point out foreign rapists.

15 thoughts on “Norway shocker: Insane Kari Helene Partapuoli defend Muslim rapists

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  11. Start teaching women Military level self-defense. then a rapist is guranteed to come to a very bad end and there’s the deterrence.
    If you know most women can and will kill you for trying to rape them, how willing would you be to try it??
    Rapists of any ethinic or religious background are NOT to be tolerated.


    • I agree 100% it’s not a Complete solution, but it would be a start and deliver the message that ‘we will not allow ourselves/our women to be victims any longer’, one step towards a more complete solution and one that would likely reduce attacks and re-instill confidence in women there…before they and everyone else totally lose morale and give up, then the radicals win.
      We–despite this being rural Alberta–have an increasingly violent radical muslim infestation who have made attempts on the lives of the secular Muslims here and are determined to make our small city shariah compliant using intimidation, force, outright violence, etc.. So I DO understand the problem, on a very personal level.
      Also, Edmonton is seeing increasing violence from muslims towards women also with their somali muslim population in the Millwoods area as one of my friends was pulled into a car, gang-raped, brutalized, sodomized and then thrown from the moving car when they were ‘done’ with her. Cops & media…she was threatened with arrest if she spoke about it publicly.
      PolCorr enables the ongoing expansion of radical muslims being able to rape and abuse with nearly 100% impunity. Hust because I differentiate between secular Genuine Muslims and radicals doesn’t mean I have anything but absolute contempt for the radicals. Radical muslims = KKK, neo-nazis and such. Just the same, only following Islam–well, they’re twisted version of it.


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