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Norway: 90% of all violent rapes in Oslo committed by Muslims

In Oslo all sexual assaults (i.e assault rape committed under violence) involving rape in the past year has been committed by males of non-western background. This was the conclusion of a police report published today. This means that in every single rape assault in the last five years, where the rapist could be identified, he was a man of foreign origin.

The police report referred to is Voldtekt i den globale byen (Rape in the global city – May 2011 report) which provides a detailed analysis of the rape statistics in Oslo during 2010. The report shows that, of 131 individuals charged with the 152 rapes in which the perpetrator could be identified, 45.8% were of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin while 38.2 were Norweigan citizens (foreign and national), 2.3% American, and 13.7% other European (foreign and national Europeans).

The claim of 100% sexual assault rate is based exclusively on the figures for “assault rape”, i.e. rape aggravated by physical violence, a category that included 6 of the 152 cases and 5 of the 131 identified individuals. All of those 5 individuals were indeed of African, Middle Eastern or Asian origin. The police report adds that in other cases of assault rape, where the individual responsible was not identified and the police relied on the description provided by the victim, “8 of the perpetrators were African / dark-skinned appearance, 5 were Western / light / Nordic and 4 had an Asian appearance”.

The summary of total rape statistics dominated by 50% in total by Muslim immigrants coincides with similar figures from Sweden. It is important to pay attention that Muslims who only comprise of 1.5% of the total population in Norway, stand for 50% of the entire country’s rape statistics – highly and aggressively over represented.

Islamo apologists often try to distort these facts by claiming Muslims “only” raped

The police report also points out that “it must be stressed that the strong over-representation of people from minority backgrounds for several types of rape can not be interpreted as meaning that foreign culture is a causal explanation of rape” and that “the statistical difference in criminal behaviour between ethnic groups disappears when controlling for socio-economic conditions”.


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