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Sweden: Mattias Gardell – Swedish right wing extremist under the guise of ‘liberal’ crybaby

I was reading the confused and befuddled mindset of self-proclaimed Swedish “scholar” Mr Mattias Gardell – an extreme right winger anti-semite disguised as a phoney ‘liberal’.

Mattias Gardell - right wing extremist

Mattias Gardell is a deep supporter of Islam and Sharia, meaning honour killings, sex with infants, sex grooming of young girls, killing of homosexuals, extreme anti-semitism, slavery and hatred of gays and non-Muslims, indoctrination of children as young as 2-3 years of age to hate non-Muslims – and so on.
But the press portrays Gardell to be a ‘liberal’. He distorts Sharia at all times and argues his liberal views at any opportunity given to him, and even posed as a laughable adviser at Anders Breivik’s trial. His open support of these doctrines and denial of their reality, is evident that his real values are right wing extremist. His denial of the reality of Islamic culture and values shows that Gardell is either a very callous man, or someone with a deeply scewed comprehension of reality.

One can only wish that Gardell spent 10 years in the middle east like I did. Maybe then he would see how phoney his opinions are.

Whenever Gardell openly objects to groups OPPOSING extreme human rights violations, he has proven where his alliances lay. Gardell, as many with his limited comprehension, call any opposition to Islam as Islamophobia or racism. Gardell doesn’t care one bit about the millions of victims of Islam across the world.

Who were the biggest supporters of Geert Wilders in his infamous lawsuit? Muslims. Muslims from all backgrounds offered their testimonies to confirm his accuracy to the Dutch courts, who turned them down.

Mattias Gardell’s gay brother Jonas Gardell, would be executed under Islamic Sharia either by public hanging or by stoning. There is no lenience or sympathy for his ‘disease’.

What does Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Syrian psychiatrist Wafa Sultan, escaped Sudaneese slave Simon Deng, Egyptian Muslim Noni Darwish, amongst many, have in common? They are all human rights activists. They fight to protect women from honour killings, children from genital mutilation, gays from persecution, infants from extreme Mufakhathat (“thighing” – where Muslim men sodomize infants. All Sharia and Quran compliant) and many many other barbaric, horrific practices that are supported by Islamic law and is forced onto the Western world by demands, false claims of racism and Islamophobia, threats and intimidation.
Know what? We are not going to be intimidated by medieval thuggery! Islam will not close our voices nor make us stop. NEVER.

We will not give up until Muslim immigration is stopped to the western world, and until Muslim immigrants caught in third degree crimes are deported, until mosques and minarets are dismantled. We will not give up until Sharia courts, medieval halal slaughter of animals and fully covered niqabs are completely banned in the western world.

What is extremely sad to me is that Matthias Gardell – with the sad help of the media – is a voice in his country to obstruct greater equality and freedom for Muslim women and children. He is likely one of the many persons who oppose a ban on the niqab, which only real meaning is to serve as a rape protector from Muslim men and have nothing at all to do with either choice or religion. These women are kept hostage by a medieval hate ideology created by a vicious warlord who didn’t leave any stone unturned until he had murdered and threatened entire regions into submission. They have no country to escape to, as long as someone like Matthias Gardell blocks their real and true freedom from being honored.

Mattias Gardell supports honor killings, rape and abuse of women, homophobia, extreme anti-semitism, Sharia law and slavery. Humam rights activists who try to ban these practices from taking root in Europe are referred to as Islamophobes and racists.

Whenever someone in a free society goes against those opposing evil, like Mattias Gardell, he only prolongs the suffering and victimization of people struggling to end this nightmarish evil. Many Muslims long for freedom to chose whether they want to believe in a Middle Eastern Nazi warlord; chose to talk and mingle as they please, with whomever they please; chose to make their own decisions without an aggressive man, or a cult congregation from a mosque watching them from a distance.

Matthias Gardell, like to true right wing extremist he is, doesn’t allow those choices to happen for them even in a free society.

What could be more delusional and sad? And why is such a hater of human rights pretending to be a liberal?



What would Islamic ideals be for Mattias Gardell’s gay brother if Sharia can freely exist in Sweden and blend with Swedish laws, as Gardell suggests in his empty intellectual drivels? Let’s listen to “modern” Muslims in the U.S. who surely must be much more liberal, understanding and different from their rare Muslim extremists in the middle east, right? Or…

The Islamic law, which Mattias Gardell imagines can exist ‘side by side’ with Swedish laws, on punishment for homosexuals:

Question and Answer session at the Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) directed by students to Professor Awadh A. Binhazim. Awadh A. Binhazim is listed on the Vanderbilt University (Tennessee) website as “Adjunct Professor of Islam at the Divinity School” and an adviser to the Muslim Student Association.

Question:  According to Islamic law, if a homosexual person begin to actually engage in homosexual relations in an ongoing and permanent way, with no intention of quitting, then the punishment under Islamic law would be death. Unless he agrees to quit.

As a practicing Muslim do you accept or reject this particular teaching of Islam?

Awadh A. Binhazim (American Muslim and Professor Islam):   The question of accepting or rejecting the teaching of Islam really… I don’t have a choice as a Muslim to accept or reject teachings. I go with what Islam teache.

He was asked directly, “Under Islamic law is it punishable by death if you are a homosexual?”
Binhazim said, “Yes. It is punishable by death.”
Vanderbilt University chose not to admonish the Muslim chaplain who, although not paid, clearly represents and is approved by the school. Rather they defended the comments as staunch advocates of free speech. We expect, in the very near future, that Vanderbilt will openly welcome Wafa Sultan, Geert Wilders, Nonie Darwish and others who speak about Islamic sharia law.

6 thoughts on “Sweden: Mattias Gardell – Swedish right wing extremist under the guise of ‘liberal’ crybaby

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  4. Mattias Gardell is the biggest douchebag on the planet. Absolutely disgusting sack who derides Swedes as islamaphobes when they are simply sick of the violence against Swedes, the crime perpetrated by muslim immigrants (including raping men) and the fact that the live off our tax money and are the largest perpetrators of welfare fraud in Sweden. They show no remorse whatsoever when arrested for the most heinous acts of violence that should fall under crimes of humanity; alternately laughing in court (until their attorney tells them they should ‘act sad’ or going on the stand to argue the rape was ‘consensual’ or the more honest ‘she deserved it.’

    I am sick to my soul and absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of fascists like Gardell.


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