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UK: “Muslims would never do such things” Shafilea Ahmed’s parents deny murdering daughter in 2004 interview

Is this reporting Islamophobic or reality?

Weeping and drying fake tears, Shafilea Ahmed’s parents deny murdering their own daughter in a 2004 interview, criticizing the media for speculating that Muslims could “do such things”.

Iftikhar Ahmed and his wife Farzana acted outraged at suggestions they were responsible for the murder of their daughter Shafilea during an interview in 2004.

Shafilea Ahmed was killed by her own parents by suffocation and physical violence, after a whole life of abuse, threats and oppression. Shafia’s own sister Alesha saw the murder.

Now 24, she said their mother began the attack with the words ‘Just finish it here’, before her father stuffed a plastic bag in Shafilea’s mouth, holding it there until she stopped breathing.

Their brother Junyad, then 13, later told his sisters ‘She deserved it’, Alesha said, telling of watching her parents wrap Shafilea’s body in bin bags before her father carried it to a car.

Her body was found beside a river in Cumbria in February 2004.

2:28PM BST 03 Aug 2012

Shafilea went missing from the family home in Warrington in September 2003.

Her parents were arrested in connection with the 17-year-old’s murder but police were unable to find enough evidence to prosecute.

In an interview in 2004, a tearful Iftikhar Ahmed chastised the media for “suggesting that Muslim people do these things”. When asked if he would kill his own daughter, Mr Iftikhar replied: “Never. I couldn’t even dream of it.”

Mr Iftikhar and his wife Farzana were convicted of the honour killing today following a three month trial at Chester Crown Court.

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