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Muslims rape over 300 Swedish children and 700 women in first 7 months of 2013

Cecilia Malmström, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, does not care about Sweden’s astronomical Muslim rape crimes against children and women in her own country.
Malmström is managing immigration policies and is essentially the one who can grant Muslim immigrants entry into Europe. She has promised more Muslim terrorists and misogynists cloaked as asylum seekers to be admitted into Europe so they can commit more crimes, rapes and murders in her already saturated home country.
Malmström is eager to let women and children be raped and abused in Sweden so she can appear politically correct and pretend to be a humanitarian. Forget about the shocking fact that Sweden today house the second largest volume of rape crimes in the world after Nigeria, all due to Muslim immigrants.


In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants in the capital city of Stockholm. And that’s the numbers only for Stockholm! Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% so far this year compared to 2012 numbers. A large proportion of the increase include rape of young [pre-teen] girls. 

The official radio report quoted from BRÅ (The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention) refuses to mention the M-word in the socialist-suffocated Sweden, a country held hostage by the extreme left. But when you contact senior police and government sources they confirm (anonymous in fear of losing their jobs) that these numbers represent Muslims. And a majority of these rapes and sexual assaults are caused by Malmström’s new arrivals, the asylum seekers.

And these numbers are only the tip of the ice berg. According to the authorities, Sweden’s real rape statistics are 400-900% higher than official numbers. The BRÅ website states:

As few as 10-20 percent of all sexual offences are reported to the police. The Swedish Crime Survey (Nationella trygghetsundersökningen, NTU) provides a better picture of the extent of criminality, with data on both victims as well as perpetrators — which is lacking in the criminal statistics. Of those who are suspected for sexual offences, the majority are men and only about two percent are women. A majority of the victims are women. In a third of reported rapes, the victim is younger than 15.”

In spite of these horrid numbers and Sweden’s rapid increase in rape statistics, EU Commissions nutter and Swede Cecilia Malmström wants even more Muslims to arrive to her country, and to have access to the rest of Europe

Cecilia Malmström is the European Commissioner for Home Affairs. She used to be a politician for the Liberal Party in Sweden, but moved on to the EU level when she was elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and was later elevated further to serve on the European Commission.

Part of Ms. Malmström’s job is to oversee immigration policy for the European Union. Like most functionaries in the upper reaches of the EU bureaucracy, she favors the cultural enrichment of Europe through mass Third-World immigration. She and other unelected Eurocrats in Brussels decide how much and what kind of immigration is best for the EU, and then impose their diktats on the member states.

Read Geert Wilder’s letter to this truly insane libtard uber-socialist Cecilia Malmström who clearly doesn’t care at all of the safety of women and children in her own country. It’s free game for Muslim men to assault women in Sweden and punishments are lenient. In fact, instead of punishing them as they should, Malmström brings in more rapists in the thousands each year.

Before venturing to the libtard headquarters of Brussels Cecilia Malmström was a left-wing liberal in Sweden. Incidentally the left-wingers have always been the terrorists of Europe before Islam began terrorising everyone. Left-wingers were regularly investigated by security services pre 1990 for violence and inciting violence and stirring up problems that undermined peace and order for others. No wonder they fit so well with Muslims.

Sexual assault: A previous article showed a chart on sexual crimes from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ), a government body for crime statistics. Watch the increase of rapes in Sweden after the country became more lenient on ME immigrants, asylum seekers and third world (mainly Muslim) immigrants. The overwhelming chunk of immigrants to Sweden are Muslims (5%) who also exploit about 60-70% of the entire welfare budget in region after region through the country. The fact that numbers are increasing each year without control demonstrate that Sweden does not care about its crime victims and does not punish perpetrators sufficiently.

UPDATED REPORT January 2014:

Sweden doesn’t want to tackle their rape epidemic. It looks nicer if they just sit back and pretend nothing happened, or discuss around the topic rather than address the real issue: Muslim men endorse and feel entitled to rape.

A rapid 24% increase in violent rape of children within a one year period (2012-2013) is blamed on ‘changes of definition’ to the description of the meaning of rape… made in 2004.
Now how does changes to the definition or description of violent rape minimize the significance of the increased numbers 8 and 9 years after these changes were made? Just amazing excuses for Muslim and immigrant brutality on a tiny country like Sweden. You can find the original source to this in the reference section further down.

From Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ:

Rape and other sexual crimes.

In 2013 was reported a total of 17 400 sexual offences, which is an increase of 4% in comparison with 2012. Reported offences of rape, sexual molestation and sexual coercion, accounted for 91% of crimes in the category marked as sexual offences.
The notified rape decreased by 5 per cent to 5 890 notified crimes me source 2012 – by 2013, while the notified crimes of sexual harassment increased to 8 710 notified crimes (+ 15%). Sexual coercion, exploitation, and more decreased by 10% compared to in the previous year.

Speaking to a ten-year period (2004-2013), the registered (a) rapes increased significantly, which can largely be explained by changes in sexualbrottslagstiftningen, which entered into force on 1 April 2005. The changes involved amongst others an expansion of the definition of rape, which meant that certain acts which had been headlined as sexual exploitation was designated as rape. Effect one of the law change is seen in statistics on the number of reported rapes increased between 20 05-2011, while the number of reported crimes relating to sexual coercion and exploitation decreased. The development of the the number of reported crimes related to sexual coercion and out access, however, has not been as strong and long-lasting as the number of notified rapes. Levels in the statistics is also affected by occasional reports containing a large number of offences against the same victims (2005 and 2008). From 1 July 2013 tightened sexual offences-the legislation once again; including expanded rape to include cases where the victim reacts with inaction/passivity. Even changes in anmälningsbenägenheten can affect how many rapes are reported.


Reports of rapes in Sweden for 2011, 2012, 2013: [google translated]

Rape including violent assault, rape against children under 15 years of age

396 [2011]   380 [2012]     495 [2013]

Rape incl. violent (also included in violent crime) Against girls under 15 years

349 [2011]    326 [2012]     437 [2013

Rape incl. violent (also included in violent crime) Against boys under 15 years

47 [2011]       54 [2012]        58 [2013]

Reported rapes of children under 15 years of age throughout Sweden, 2011, 2012, 2013:

Rape incl. violent (also included in the crime of violence) of children under 15 years

2 260 [2011]      2 065 [2012]       1 856 [2013]

As a whole, the reports of all rapes for 2013:

The reported rapes fell by 7 per cent to 5 890 crimes.

Notified crimes of violent violations decreased to 1,700 reported crimes (– 11%) while the violent assault of women decreased to 2 140 notified crimes (– 13%).

Source: Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ.


References on Sweden and crimes:

1. The Swedish Crime Survey 2012: Victimization, fear of crime and public confidence in the criminal justice system
2. BRA: Rape and sexual offences
3. European Women’s Lobby: Sweden
4. Search Swedish crime statistics
5. Metro January 2014: Increasing cases of rape of children are reported in Stockholm



The original article from Swedish Public Radio…

Allt fler unga flickor anmäler våldtäkt

Publicerat: torsdag 8 augusti kl 13:42 , Nyheter P4 Radio Stockholm

Antalet anmälda våldtäkter ökar med 16 procent i Stockholms län. Foto: Heiko Junge/Scanpix NORGE

Antalet anmälda våldtäkter ökar med 16 procent i Stockholms län.
Foto: Heiko Junge/Scanpix NORGE

Antalet polisanmälningar om våldtäkt i Stockholms län har ökat med 16 procent hittills i år. En stor del av ökningen gäller våldtäkt av unga flickor.

Det är Brottsförebyggande Rådet, BRÅ, som tagit fram statistik som publiceras idag.

Drygt 1 000 våldtäkter har anmälts i länet under årets första sju månader.

En stor del av ökningen gäller våldtäkter av flickor under 15 år.

Enligt BRÅ har polisen i länet fått in 300 sådana anmälningar hittills i år.

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  1. You chose to recognize the State of Palestine , but you have turned Palestine !! Enjoy with a Muslim majority and laws of the Koran !! Love from Israel .


  2. Muslims are not picky they will rape goats and sheep as well…Islam is not about religion. Religion is simply a front for their main purpose of acquiring expansion. the Caliphate is to determine which POS will lead the rest of the shit bags..Mohammad was a damn child molester. This crap would not be pulled were I live the bastards would be hanging from trees.


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      When Muslims retaliate and show you how you treat us – TERRORISM?
      I don’t see you blaming their religion for it.


      • This was a good one: “Muslims started world war 1″.

        100 million red Indians “killed”? No one killed them except their own wars between tribes and diseases Muslims spread around the world from the exported slaves started by Arabs.(Okay you’re telling me the whites did not kill the natives and Arabs supposedly exported slaves to North America which caused deaths?)

        No one “killed” 20 million in Australia. The usual one-sided and fabricated numbers that Muslims spew from forum to forum! This is why you are not even human beings. A normal human being is interested in facts. Muslims are only interested in lies and propaganda. What on earth South America has to do with anything related to Muslim savagery is beyond reasoning. (Says the person who hasn’t been in high school)

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  8. Please fix the problem. i lived in london fro 2 years and i couldn;t believe that England was dominated by english people and now it is dominated by asians and they are trying to impose sharia law on people there. Sweden you can fix it today if you wanted to.


  9. All I know is that if the goverment doesn’t do something soon and if it carries on in 10 years time we will have far right goverment because that will be the only options left for us to take because the leftist self hating cowards control the BBC, SKY ect but people are waking up, Whites are now a minority in London, its capital!!

    I don’t want a far right goverment or even a national socialist centre right goverment but it looks like there the only choices i will be left with. NEVER VOTE LABOUR AGAIN! and thats coming from a working class background. the people who live in vanilla towns dont see it cos its not on the British Bullshit Corporation(BBC) news feed so they think they helping by voting labour but when they start getting raped and attacked we will see a quick lightening change.


  10. How has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to these people? Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they trash up another peoples land that have given them a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? your people?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called”racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country? Wake up before it’s too late.


    • Human migration is a bitch isn’t it? Europe deserves being swallowed up by the new incoming peoples except Europes history is all about changing peoples and borders. I think there is no one country that has weathered the test of time there. what will be will be, i guess we are going to have to restrict European immigration to my country soon. Why? Too many are starting to scramble downunder. Very soon we will want to cut free of our European ties, we’ve just got to wait on the old guard to kark it so we can join the rest of the real 21st century world. No more colonial dreamers.


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