Muslims WorldWide

In 1947 Partition of India Sikhs and Hindus made up 20% of Pakistan. Today they are 1% – combined.

With over 100 million Hindu’s slaughtered during Muslim invasion by the possessed followers of the Religion of Peace, would you not assume they would evolve and stop at some point? But no. They never learn. They cannot learn because their religion forbids them to learn and evolve, turning them bestial.

Remember, when Islam spreads its tolerance, peace, and love around the world it is never their fault. You must have done something wrong:



“When British India was partitioned in 1947 Hindus and Sikhs constituted about twenty percent of the population in what is now Pakistan. Now it is barely one percent.”

[Robert Spencer/] “While India is constantly berated for having severe problems with an amorphous communalism, Pakistan is rarely brought to task over this same standard.” “Cleansing Hindus From Pakistan,” by Rabir Singh for Conservative Papers, February 12:

In his 1993 BBC television series Akbar S Ahmed, former ambassador from Pakistan to Britain and presently Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at the American University in Washington DC, stated that Jinnah had created Pakistan so that India’s Muslims could be “safe from Hindu reaction”. But he has remained largely silent on the Hindus of Pakistan who have been the victims of Islamic ‘reaction’, aside from a few meaningless platitudes towards communal harmony. In this he is far from alone.When British India was partitioned in 1947 Hindus and Sikhs constituted about twenty percent of the population in what is now Pakistan. Now it is barely one percent. This is a demographic catastrophe which has hardly warranted attention in the media, or from human rights groups and other NGOs. While India is constantly berated for having severe problems with an amorphous communalism, Pakistan is rarely brought to task over this same standard. In one way however Pakistan can be said to have resolved the communal issue; by simply having negligible numbers of minorities to strive for equal rights.

Indian women raped, tortured and mutilated by Muslims in Assam, North India. It must have been the fault of the Hindus, as usual. We all know Muslims can do no wrong and are peaceful and humane.

The constitution and legal system created for Pakistan openly discriminated against Hindus with a high level of crime and harassment against them. This was exacerbated by periods of tension between India and Pakistan which were always the worst times for Hindus in Pakistan, with large numbers killed and expelled by pogroms by the majority community who were supported by their government. In 1965 The Enemy Property Act was passed, which openly legitimized the confiscation of the property of Hindus whether it was their homes or temples that were destroyed and helped to further reduce the Hindu population in Pakistan.

This was dwarfed by the war of secession which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. A huge undocumented number of Hindus were massacred by the Pakistani army in which the estimated death toll was probably three million.

The gentle, sacred cow of India’s rich spiritual traditions who were always considered holy, are treated like the people. At independence from British India, India was roughly 85% vegetarian. Unfortunately the Hindu’s have become pseudo-Muslims leaving their traditions to adopt Islamic ones. Today, due to Muslim influence, the nation is 80% meat eaters. The country also have staggering rape crimes in the Muslim populated North and honor killings amongst the Sikhs. Honor murders and rapes are not part of Hindu culture or religion but come from hundreds of years of direct association with Islam.

Below: Eid mass slaughter in Pakistan.

At independence India chose a secular constitution. Admittedly, along with its parliamentary democracy, has met with varying degrees of success. But it has endured. India has had heads of state which come from minority communities and minorities are active in many spheres notably government service, cinema, music, academia, the media and sport. Pakistan however chose a stridently theocratic form of government right from its inception, in which anyone not adhering to the majority faith and the being part of the majority community was always going to be suspect. By stating that the head of state had to be Muslim that built uncompromising discrimination into the constitution itself.

The pandering to extreme religious intolerance by the secular whisky-drinking Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was taken to new levels by his nemesis General Zia ul-Haq who introduced Islamicisation programmes which utterly changed the nature of the country. The injection of despotic legal changes such as the Hudood Ordinance, Blasphemy Law, Sharia law and a host of other procedures mitigated against democracy and reduced women, Christians, Hindus, and Ahmadis to lesser citizenship. This was the time when Saudi influence made itself felt ideologically through Wahhabism as madrasas proliferated and the centuries-long native Sufi tradition of Madhu Lal Hussein, Bulley Shah and Waris Shah was smothered. Under the 1973 constitution Bhutto made Islam the state religion of Pakistan and established a separate electorate for Muslims and non-Muslims so that Hindus could only vote for Hindu candidates. The majority community could therefore ignore the minority Hindus with impunity. Musharraf abolished the separate electoral system in 2002. It is ironic how a democratic ‘socialist’ leader promoted discriminatory legislation which was only later rescinded by a military dictatator who had seized power from an elected government. Even so, in Pakistan’s political system, the minorities, such as Hindus, Christians and Sikhs remain outcasts.

Pakistan is home to some 2.5 million Hindus, 95% of them living in the southern Sindh province. Most are poor peasants living as serfs on the estates of landlords, similar to the caste from which the Bhuttos hailed. However there are also some successful some businessmen. In Sindh, they are a hot commodity for bandits. They have become increasingly subject to kidnapping for ransom which the largely impoverished members of the community can ill afford. Rape, forcible and pressurised conversion to Islam have also become a matter of course for Hindus living in that oppressive state. As with kidnapping the conversion of Hindus is a profitable business in this country.

During the Moghul reign of India, when the country was taken by force and mass slaughter, Muslims used to ‘cull’ the people regularly to keep the population down. Some historians estimate that over 60 million Hindus were culled this way (and this does not include the 100 million who died during Muslim invasion). This painting depicts Muslim invaders trampling Hindus to death with elephants.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan stated in 2010 stating that at least twenty-five Hindu girls are abducted in Pakistan every month. In July of that year around sixty members of the minority Hindus in Karachi were attacked and ethnically cleansed when a Hindu youth drank from a water tap near an Islamic mosque. But even more sinister plans have been afoot. Hindu minorities under Taliban rule in Swat were forced to wear red headgear such as turbans as a symbol of their inferior status. Promulgation that Hindus are inferior is however the norm as it is officially sanctioned in textbooks used in governments schools. In November 2011 the US Commission on International Religious Freedom warned that text books in Pakistani schools foster prejudice and intolerance of Hindus and other religious minorities, while most teachers view non-Muslims as “enemies of Islam”. In the words of its chairman Leonard Leo:

“Teaching discrimination increases the likelihood that violent religious extremism in Pakistan will continue to grow, weakening religious freedom, national and regional stability, and global security”

In 2006 the last Hindu temple in Lahore was demolished to make way for commercial development. In Dera Ismail Khan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a group has illegally acquired the 700-year-old Kali Bari Mandir and is now using it as a hotel. The issue of Kali Bari is not an isolated example. In Islamabad, Hindus have no access to a temple situated at Saidpur model village. Meanwhile the Raam Kunday Mandir in Islamabad, once considered a sacred site by Hindus, is being converted into a picnic spot. Eminabad in Gujranwala region has several temples dating back to the 15th century, which are in shambles today. Most of them are being used as stables to provide shelter to donkeys, horses and other animals. In Punjab’s Bakkar city, Sheeran Wali Mandir has been used by Islamic clerics as a madrasa. Nearly 360 sacred Hindu sites are located in Pakistan, including Hanglaj Maata Mandir in Balochistan, Sadho Beela Mandir in Sindh, Hanuman Mandir in Kotri, Kali Ma and Shiva Mandir in Punjab’s Imanabad, Ganga Khogi in Saidan Shah Punjab, Kali Bari Mandir and Kala Sathi Kewal Raam in Dera Ismail Khan, Raam Takht in Swat and a Shiva Mandir in Mansehra. But neither is the government ready to ensure the upkeep of these sites, nor is it willing to hand them back to the Hindu community. At a wider level cultural prejudice has become part and parcel of language itself. Hindus are referred to as “na pak.” Na means “un” and pak means “pure.” Given that the word “pak” is part of the word “Pakistan” — which means Land of the Pure — somebody’s impurity suggests that they are not really Pakistani. So the ‘impure’ Hindus are not seen as belonging to the country.

Peaceful and peace-loving Muslims in North India behaving like they tend to do.

Under these circumstances it is no surprise that those Hindus which were not forcibly expelled from Pakistan on its creation in 1947 have decided to leave, mainly for neighbouring India. In the wake of the world’s silence on their systematic persecution they decide as with previous generations to vote with their feet, denied as they are an equal voice in Pakistan’s shaky quasi-democratic process. In doing so they make immense contributions to their new host countries where they can at least breath the air of freedom.

One thinks of the prosperous Sindhi community which was uprooted en masse from their native homeland in 1947. But we must also remember filmstars Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, and Sunil Dutt who trace their birthplaces and ancestral homes to Pakistan. Independent India’s first Test cricket captain, Lala Amarnath hailed from Lahore, prime ministers I K Gujral and Manmohan Singh are also from the part of what is now the province of Punjab in Pakistan. Former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani was born in Karachi. Nearly all of these individuals left their homes due to the violence and turmoil of independence setting what seems like a precedent for future generations of Hindus in Pakistan who will complete the exodus from lands that were once an integral part of Hindu culture and ancient Indian civilisation.

While western democracies are keen to ignore what they brush off as a ‘Hindu’ problem the events in neighbouring India should give us cause for concern. Those who are keen to promote the cause of Kashmiri ‘freedom’ such as the Conservative Party Chair Baroness Sayeeda Warsi conveniently ignore the rather inconvenient fact that this would bring death and destruction to Hindus, just as she and other powerful voices avert their gaze from how almost the entire indigenous Pandit community was ethnically cleansed from the Vale of Kashmir by mujahadeen at gunpoint in 1989. To this day they eke out a miserable existence in refugee camps in Jammu.

The Pakistan backed Kashmiri terrorists have since extended their massacres and atrocities to Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in the whole region. With Pakistan a hotbed for terrorism, awash as it is with weapons and drugs to compliment the intolerance and sense of general hopelessness, with neighbouring Afghanistan due to fall once again to the Taliban once NATO forces withdraw, Iran developing a nuclear weapons programme, and Pakistan’s imperial masters in Riyadh presently expanding their colonial interests using their Salafi minions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, western democracies should be very worried. Otherwise they will face a ‘Hindu’ future. As Pastor Martin Neimoller warned regarding his incarceration by the Nazis:

They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object — For I wasn’t a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object — For I wasn’t a Socialist;
They came for the labour leaders, and I didn’t object — For I wasn’t a labour leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object — For I wasn’t a Jew;
Then they came for me – And there was no one left to object.

So who will there be to object when ‘they’ come after the western democracies and there are no Hindus left?

75 thoughts on “In 1947 Partition of India Sikhs and Hindus made up 20% of Pakistan. Today they are 1% – combined.

  1. Typical Muslim supremacist MO.

    They complain about “discrimination” which is any attempt to reasonably point out factual evidence yet they happily persecute non-Muslims with total impunity.

    They invade, create a state then invade again. It’s exactly what they did with Sudan, Bangladesh etc.

  2. Hindostan wasn’t chosen to be a secular state. the word secular was added by a corrupt prime minister & his party later by an constitution amendment.

  3. Islam is the cancer of the world. Mohamed married Aisha when she was 6 and raped her when she was 9, and yet Muslims worship him. It’s a cult that is based on rape and violence. Unfortunately, Indian media, news and Bollywood, have no guts to show the real face of Islam.

    • Dogs are gonna bark!!! Or monkeys I may say as you pray them….poor you!!
      Why to debate with a country like India where the height of sacredness is to be half naked….I mean look at ur brahmins!! Pigs you all!
      ISLAM is the BEST religion of the World…n my Prophet (PBUH) is the BESTEST n most noble in d world!!

      • ISLAM is the religion of piece love and kindness and this world is stable today only because of true muslims……terrorists are not MUSLIMS but they are trying to drown the name of MUSLIMS…
        remember that ISLAM was the first and the only religion who gave suitable rights and respect to women as before islam , polythiests like you have burried living baby girls……
        and last but not the least….”gold is always buried(Muslims) and garbage is always burnt(hindus)”

      • Women are still gang raped in Islamic countries like Pakistan. 5 Adult women were buried alive in Pakistan for refusing to marry men choosen by their families. Millions of girls get their sexual organs cut to keep them from having sex before marriage. search FMG for more information. Muslim men can have 4 wives. Muslim men can beat their wives according to Islam. Honor killing is very common in Muslim countries. Search imam and rape on the internet

      • why do u deny that ur originally hindus? ur forefathers were in a hurry to get circumcised! why do u bloody muslims exist at all?

      • shame on all you muslims i am a 13 year old and im a muslim and i cnt belive that all you forgot that when someone abuses our religon then we should not reply in a bad way but ask them why

      • You scrawling worm you belongs to the ugliest Religion of the world and that’s why we hindu as human ignore scrowling worms and if they tries to infect us we cuts them like carrot radish….

    • Yes malik u r right muslim says my name is khan nd m not a terrorist ok if every muslim is not a terrorist then why terrorists are only muslims that means every muslim has a terrorism born in his blood ye 1 hotey h ek se 4 hota he 4 se 400 or fir 4000 badme usi country mai apna separathissa maangtey h or alag ho jaatey h country dusrey religion k cheen lete h ye

    • idiot ,prophet never raped anyone.when he married aisha she was 13 and he had sex with her after she attained puberty.

      • Never heard about this dressing up boys as girls? Do you have a reference of hadith? I have read a Muslim can have sex with his own daughters under ceratin circumstances. One Quran teacher told his family Islam allows sex with his own daughters. He had sex with his own daughters and his wifes accepted it. Any one can search “Quran teacher rapes daughters on the Internet.

      • Dear go check hadiths. There are many hadiths that say prohet married
        Aisha when she was 6. He had sex when she was 9. Many Muslims marry very young girs. One old yemeni man married an 8-yr old girl. The girl bled to death when he had sex with her the first time. One Saudi Imam had sex with his own 8 year old daughter before killing her. Any one check this iformation by searching the Internet. Little boys get raped in Muslim countries.

      • i cant understand this hatred between you people you dnt even know each other and you muslims have no shame islam teaches to respect and even prophet himself said on his last sermon that muslims respect people as much as you respect the holy kabba and this is wat you call respect .god you re acting like children you all leave a 1000 miles apart and this partion took place 60 years ago and everyone took their revenge so just let it go and muslim brothers plz let them say watever they wanna say youre not getting affected and from the heart i know you guys really dbt have love for the prophet because if you did then you woudnt have abused

    • my brother islam is a religion just like Hinduism and im sure Hinduism or islam or in fact any religon does not allow the killing of any human and islam means peace and plz if you reaaly want to know what islam really means then dnt ask non muslims but ask muslims or any elder muslim

  4. We hindus should manslaughter these muslims and rape the muslim women and make them our wives.

  5. The plight and the reduction of hindus and sikhs in pakistan since partition has specifically been due to the inactions of the indian government. It is high time that indian took back the so called azad kashmir, invaded pakistan and intergrated it back to greater indian as in pre 1947 partition. Then ethnically cleanse all muslims to religions of hinduism, sikhism and buddism. Such course of action is more than possible. In the past 60yrs india has had numerous opportunities, but has lacked the guts. I hope the present generation of indians can do away with past ideollogys and get revenge on pakistan from the last 65yrs.

    • hey muhammad riyaz fucker in this generation i will cut ur ass and penis salo musalmano cutbuloo
      like shivaji maharaj have cut ur head
      thank u shivaji maharaj

    • mohamad riyaz hindu ek ho k tum mullo ki aisi maa chodenge k tumhari aurate har janam me hinduo ka lund yaad rakhegi aur tum mulllo ko maar maar kar bhagayenge is desh se.

    • Remember Genghis Khan who fucked your islamic mothers not married and you belong to his lineage who called you Muslims ‘slave’ ‼ barbarian you look better dead terrorist who dwell in islamic gutters you look better dead‼

  6. hey muhammad riyaz fucker in this generation i will cut ur ass and penis salo musalmano cutbuloo
    like shivaji maharaj have cut ur head
    thank u shivaji maharaj

  7. Muslim population grouth is danguras situation in the world. They are terrorist. Muslim less world is Heaven………………….

  8. guys just think one thing ass hole muslims are not safe in pakisthan but are safe in india…. if it wasnt then no muslims would have been there by now…. im askin all hindu brothers and sisters to leave pakisthan and come to hindusthan…..!! Jai Hind

  9. Hey guys,

    I am a Muslim and proud to be an Indian… I hate Pakistan way more than you (Hindu guys… I’m using Hindu guys as you don’t think I’m a part of you)… I hate Pakistan because they are not using the right Islam…. Islam never teaches us to do violent things… While Islam do say that Islam is the best religion… It doesn’t say that you can’t have harmony with other religions… I have way more Hindu frnds than I have Muslim frnds…. I don’t discriminate… But I always come across people in local trains… Who are against Muslims…

    N some fanatics doing wrong things in Pakistan doesn’t give any rights to other fanatics to follow a gujarat…. I’m not at all in terms with this thinking… Don’t you think there were Hindus also killed in that massacre… Better we make our future good…. We should condemn the extremists not the religions…. If we do such a thing this world will be a better place to live…

    • More Indian muslims thought like you, India would have no communal problems buddy. Being proud of India and its shared culture and heritage above all should be our aim.

    • But I always come across people in local trains… Who are against Muslims…

      Main reason for that is terrorism from Pakistan. I hope all Indians will support each other and make India the best peaceful country in the world.


  10. These insecure Muslims are here to breed like mosquitoes and spread lots and lots of diseases throughout the world.

    Every nation which have their significant number is going through the phase of brutality and inhumanity.

    And the nations they are very few in number are the most peaceful nations of the world. Check Peace Index and Religious Population simultaneously.

    These are nothing but the pests, who can only spread diseases.

    They kill people because those belong to some different faith, simultaneously think (as per Holy Quran) every human being is born Muslim and later change to something else.

    Win hearts win love. Show ethics of Islam to them, that they themselves opt Islam with love not force. You are just disgracing the name of Prophet Muhammad.

  11. In February 1967, however, Master Tara Singh, whom I interviewed then and who was the principal political leader of the Sikh community 20 years earlier, said to me in words I have never forgotten: “We took the decision to turn the Muslims out.” By this, he meant the decision to attack violently the Muslim population in East Punjab to force them to migrate west so that the entire Sikh population in West Punjab would be able to migrate east to replace them and take their lands and property in exchange for what they would lose in the west.12

  12. I think India-Pakistan or Hindu-Muslim isn’t the fact nowadays. some of Anti-peace groups are behind these violence. when they realize that the south-asian zone will be a great power-holding zone in near future, then they made a plan to divide us. in which way can divide? if you think carefully, you can see through our history then you can find that, one and only thing can divide us that is RELIGION. why they use it more precisely. another thing you can see all over the world we South-asians are far ahead from other races. IBM, UNILEVER, COCACOLA, even though NASA, CERN and BELL laboratory are full of from our region. for that they fear us. So they want and work to create communal riot, religious riot and so on among us. If we dont reunite then we’ve the only way to extinct.

  13. Everybody, just look at yourself. Look at the picture, where it says Eid Slaughter in Pakistan. Can you believe it? Muslim don’t cut the head off. Do you see the head cut all the way? If you do then this slaughter is definitely not done by Muslim, and definitely not in Pakistan.
    Now come to the other picture where is says, ” Peaceful and peace-loving Muslims in North India behaving like they tend to do”.
    How in the world do you know these are Muslims? None of them has beard, none of them has Muslim caps on their head. Are you sure they are Muslim? Next time try some Photoshop before posting. At least you will be able to prove something, although fake prove.

  14. Most muslim countries have severe punishment as we all know for rapist but indian court decide the punishment after many years when victim sat on anshan.Secondly hindu lords krishan have thousands of wife.For what
    ?Decide the rapist ?Hindus are the rapist.They have invade lanka for sex.Who worships shiv ling?This is the mentalaty of hindus.
    How many god hindus have?For what they come on land ?For sex like ram ,kirshan and many more.Holy Quran,bible,torat are the books gifted by god but hindus religious books are man written.Muslim,christian,jews religion are originated from abraham and have very little difference but what about about pagal hindus who worships shiv ling?

    • (abdul qadir}” me apko batana chahunga ki lord RAM PAVITAR RAMAYAN dene ke lie ae the dunia ko or lord KRISHNA ke roop me shi BHAGVAT GEETA or shiri guru GOBIND ke roop me shiri GURU GRANTH sahib dene ae the dunia ko,,vo bhi khud dharti par janam lekar ta ke insan yeh na soche ke rab insan ko pyar nahi karta…or vo bata kar gae hai ki vo kan kan me hai ,,or vo bar bar dharti par aenge or tab tak aenge jab tak insan ko insan nahi bana dete ..jab insan sach me insan ban jaega to use kisi kitab ki jarurat nahi hogi kyoki tab khuda,rab,waheguru khud uske sath hoga..ha lekin jab tak insan janwar hai ,begairat hai,dusroe insan ko insan nahi samajhta or dusre insano par jurm karta hai, dusro ka haq chhinta hai tab tak use kabhi rab dikhai nahi dega or na hi kabhi use apne pas pahuchne deta hai..fir chahe jis marji dharam ko mano ,jis marji kitab ko study karo kuch nahi milega…JAB TAK HUM APNE SAMNE VALE INSANO KO KHUSH NAHI RAKH SAKTE, US PAR JURM KARTE HAI JA HAQ CHHINTE HAI,OR FIR APNA SINA FULA KAR APNE HI DHARAM KA NAM BADNAM KARTE HAI..APNE PAP APNE DHARAM PAR LAD DETE HAI,,AISE INSAN KABHI BHI ,KHUDA KO PYARE NAHI HO SAKTE..OR NA HI KABHI RAB UNSE MUHABAT KAREGA .. jab hum insan hokar bhi insan se rishta nahi nibha sakte ,koi khushi nahi de sakte to KHUDA SE RAB SE KYA RISHTA NIBHA SAKENGE…JO HUM RAB KE BANAE DUSRE INSANO KE SATH JITE JI KARENGE VO HI KHUDA HAMARE MARNE KE BAD HUM SE KAREGA…..yahi rab ka insaf hai…lekin log kese soch lete hai ke vo itne jurm karke bhi rab ke bande hai,ja kisi bhi dharam ke pakke hai …INSAN KA PEHLA DHARAM INSANIAT HAI OR INSANIAT KE SAMNE BAKI SAB DHARAM CHOTE par jate hai, yeh dharti or ispe rehne vala har jeev rab ki marji se hi aae hai,lekin insan janvar ban kar khuda ke banae logo se nafrat karne laga hai…..OR RAB KE NAM KO BADNAM KARTA HAI,aise insan kabhi rab se nahi mil paenge or bar bar janam lekar apne dukh ka enjoy karte rahenge,,,,or jo insaniyat ke dharam se hai vo jite ji rab se mil lete hai ,,onhe rab se bat karne ke lie ja fir rab ki muhabat pane ke lie marne ki jarurat nahi,,,dusro ko marne ki jarurat nahi or na hi vo kisi bhi kitab ka gulam rehta hai (HOLY BIBLE, QURAN SHARIF,BHAGVAT GEETA,SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB, ETC) Rab bahot bada hai uska dil bahut bada hai, kon kehta hai ki RAB kisi ek kitab ka gulam hai, ja kisi ek majhab ka gulam hai,ja kisi ek desh ka gulam hai,, INSAN ki soch choti hai or vo RAB ko bhi chota karne ki koshish kar RAHI HAI…. HUM INSAN KAB BADE HONGE OR KAB APNI SOCH BADI KARENGE , kab kisi ko koi khushi denge,, HAa SHAYD HUM JIS DIN SACHME INSAN BAN JAENGE or HAMARA Dharam INSANIAT hoga ,,,US DIN KHUDA BHI APNA SINA FULA KAR BOLEGA YEHI HAI MERE INSAN ,MERA ISHAQ, MERE AZIZ,,,,,,,,,,KYA HUM JITE JI KABHI KHUDA KO ESA KARNE KA MAOKA DE SAKTE?????????????????????

  15. why this hindu muslim things respect all religion but follow what u want …… what if muslims were hindus and hindus were muslims ….. u never chose to be hindu or muslim u were born like that …. if your religion is interchanged would u be same ?

  16. muslim terrorists will get the result that what they done to other communities in pakisthan,bangladesh,kashmir and all over the world.

  17. This article is extremely biased!!! How can you suggest that most crimes were caused by muslims. The reason why partition happened is because muslims did not have any rights in India and there was resentment and anger. Instead of disrespecting each others religion (I have noted mostly hindus) please state facts!! And please understand the word “terrorism”. It does not automatically mean “muslim”. How ignorant are you people!! I kind of understand all this resentment from hindus in way as the muslim population is growing day by day. People are literally converting to islam (even now) in india at a growing rate. The population is even greater than sikh population in India!!
    That is the power of islam. Even though media is trying to degrade islam, it is just getting stronger and stronger!! I feel soo proud to be a muslim. As a woman I am given more rights than I would in any other religion. My role is more defined and I do not have to be half naked to be a woman. We are respected and are not looked down upon. We are allowed to be educated, go to work. This is all in my PAKISTAN!!
    Please note that the punishment for rape is severe, unlike in India.

  18. Do not show mutilated pictures of muslim women raped by hindus. Hindustan is the country were rape is a daily business. Ever heard of the Asam rape festival. Hindus have nothing to do with God. They are governed and guided by evil demons every day and praying to them. The Hindureligion is a living fossile, only interesting for those who are studying the Greek and Roman gods. You hindus have not much time to come back to your evil practices. Your only option is to become a christian or a muslim soon. Remember that the castsystem is the biggest form of distrimination in the world.
    I am a European and we see how backward hindus are.

  19. fuck u madarchod sale
    teri maa ko rape karke kata to kAise lagega madarchod

    teri bhain ka gang rape karna chahihe

    bc mc lund chose mera

    • o behan choad.teri behan ko pakistani ne choda hay kia? jo teri bond pe mirchi lagi. tu idhar agra a teri behan ko lun dun

  20. please,lets not get personal and abusive,lets analyse history(real)and then do theneedful thinking for the world peace.

  21. islam is religion of peace. i am muslim. but i love respect religions also. some peoples are dogs inside.they don’t like to live in peace. they are in every religions. we should respect other religions.

  22. please read hindu religious book and you understand what type of relgioun
    siv ling? krishna vhagwan he disire to to fuck all married and vergin womans and he want to fuck animals also. sahme shame this tyoe bhagwan please think

    don’t angry this is trye or false please give me a reply

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