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The Love of a Muslim man: the Burka is not enough to gain his respect

As BNI has reported before, Muslim men use barbaric acid attacks to inflict unbearable suffering, lifelong disfigurement, and even death on innocent Muslim women, whom they claim to value so highly.

[h/t barenakedislam] The Arabization or the Saudi-ization of Muslims in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan is the hidden hand behind these acid attacks upon women. These poor girls and women have had their lives ruined; some have been forced to undergo surgery 20-30 times in order that they may see a little, or breathe a bit, hear something, perhaps in order to eat or make themselves understood. They look like…monsters. That was what their attackers wanted to accomplish. To render their faces into self-portraits of their attackers.

Why was acid thrown into their faces? The main reasons are because they dared to reject someone in marriage or because they wanted a divorce. The “jilted” suitors (or husbands) took their revenge in this fashion. If he can’t have her, no man will; I will make sure that no man will ever want her.” One young girl was gang-raped after which her rapists threw acid on her face. Another committed the “crime” of disappointing her father by being born female, not male. Many were disfigured as a result of a “family dispute.”

Thus, the punishment for being born female, for exercising any will of one’s own is, Saudi-style, the most horrible punishment. The men tried to make the women loathsome to humanity, to sentence them to painful surgeries, self-hatred, perhaps to lives lived in isolation.

Make no mistake. This tendency to disfigure women–even those who wear the Islamic Veil–is real. And, it might be coming our way if we do not stop the Wahhabi and Salafi influence which is funding our universities in North America as well as the Islamic religious schools.

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One thought on “The Love of a Muslim man: the Burka is not enough to gain his respect

  1. This is why it is important to marry only those that practice purification and not those that pervert themselves and not those that are sectarian. I am Muslim myself but I am a Sunni Muslim. My religion is found only in Qur’an and it is not found in Hadiths or Sunna or Sharia but in fact in Qur’an alone. My Lord has 99 The Most Beautiful names and He will punish those that force humans onto marriage and those that rape and those that mutilate and those that use slander and those that pervert others and those that don’t allow divorce and those that marry girls not of legal age and those that infiltrate and those that are aggressors and those that lie and those that write laws with their own hands and those that pretend to be Muslim and those that steal and those that force treaties and those that force man written laws and those that practice sihr and those that pierce themselves and those that have abortions and those that use acids on people for torture and torment and those that deceive the pure and those that manifest errors as in hamajlija or strava or red thread or those that add text on a paper and hang it over the doors – deluded ones etc… There are many problems in this world but Allah is An-Noor and He has purified me before so be little bit less angry at the Muslims but go get purified and make a difference instead of being jumpy at the religion that is the Truth and is being attacked at by those that hate. Curse that infidel that has done that – he will burn in Dzehennem for what he has done of torture and unlawful imprisonment and what he has forced on Her because of his infidelity and perversion. To stay away from delusion or those that are evil just look for the ones that are merciful and compassionate and stay away from those that look like perverts… Peace…


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