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[Graphic images] 12-Year Old Muslim Boy’s First Beheading

Many savage and satanic Muslim children and youth dream of being like this boy; a jihadi. Even Muslim immigrants in the UK, Sweden, Belgium, France, the U.S. have this behavior as their ideology and have expressed wishes and dreams to be a jihadi. This is the kind of savagery immigrating into the Western world seeking ‘asylum’ and ‘equality’. How can someone who knows nothing about respect, peace and equality of others demand equality and the ‘right’ to live in peace?
This kind of atrocious savagery is what Israel is up against on a daily basis, and which is coming to a place near you within 30-40 years. Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood all stem from the same ideology, training and goals: Islam.
Initiation into the Taliban starts early, in this case a 12-year old boy is being coached in the finer points of beheading. It takes him a while to saw through the head but notice the pride in his face when he finally holds up the severed head. What a future he has!
This video is more gruesome than most, primarily because of the tender age of the beheader. Not for sensitive stomachs.

Muslims are satanic. See the video here: 12-YEAR-OLD BOY’S BEHEADING







21 thoughts on “[Graphic images] 12-Year Old Muslim Boy’s First Beheading

  1. Noman, you are misguided and brainwashed! Read John 14: 6 and comply with it. Go to religion of peace dot com and study the site for a few days. You will get an education and learn the truth.


  2. They are not Muslims .. We live in muslim Country and we Proud to be Muslim , But this kind of things are done by none muslims kafirs most of them are indian RAW Agents or russians Or Those who have no religion killing slaughtering muslims and calling themeself muslim ,,,,, what if anyone come and say i’m christian and he actually is hindu ?? what if paid people of World Peace Destroyers make videos like this and killing innocents and calling himself muslim ????

    No they are not muslim and don’t spread the false things among Peaceful people ….. Don’t make blame game …..

    ISLAM is itself is the Religion of Peace Don’t say anything about it …

    You’ll see No Muslim ever Talk Against Christianity Because we know That Saint esa (SAINT CHRIST) Was our Prophet and he’ll Come Again in this world at the end of the world To Kill Anti-Christ (Dajjal having One eye)

    We Believe in Torah , We Believe in injeel (Bible), We Believe in Zaboor and the Latest GOD Book Quran …

    Be Peaceful, Stop those who are spreading false news … I know the Admin of this page can understand the things …

    Because We all are from same Father (SAINT ADAM) and MOTHER (SAINT HAWWA EVE ) ..


    ONLY THING THAT WE CAN DO IS Stop the Satans doing this , those who are doing this to capture the resources of the whole world They are Satans ..

    Stop them and you’ll see there will be no blood no hate ..




  3. I’ve lived in Israel, I’ve seen this hatred. I’ll not ever forget it!!! My time there made me realise just how evil Islam is. If they can kill you they will!!!


    • We feel so sad about the situation in Israel. Islam is evil. Everything originates from the evil of muslim mentality and religion. Its trying to take the whole world hostage. Truly, truly hope Israel will be free from this satanic parasite one day.


  4. Nobody else noticed ,? there isnt much blood from what appear to be a severe cut?? strange,,,also , what a bloody cheek to state that these are the only blood thirsty evil people, the Israelis are no better in their treatment ofthe Palistinians.


    • Lol! Israel treat their attackers no better? Guess what? When Muslims start forcing their way into our countries rest assure the bloodshed will be much worse than Israel trying to defend itself against a terror implant who never came to the region until the 1930’s to commit jihad.


    • Haha you clearly know nothing on the matter. Israel retaliates to the pure savagry of the Palestinians. Granred, some of the Palestinians wish for peace etc but they have chosen or allowed for a terrorist group to control them – what can you expect? The wise PM Golda Meir has said “We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate [Israel]“. Ignorance, as in your case, is NOT bliss.


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  8. This is not true islam! im a muslim and im a shia and im totally against terrorrists and beheading and suicide bombings because as a shia muslim all that is haram which means its forbidden to do and its a major sin, but these dirty people are sunni wahabi extremists! they believe if they do this they will go to heaven :/!!! bastards they killed so many innocent shia people and innocent people in general not just shia. but hopefully one day they will get some commen sense knocked into there bean sized brain that what theyre doing is HARAM AND FUCKED UP and HEARTLESS!! they kidnapp little children and force them and brain wash them into doing this crazy acts! unbelievable! may the lord forgive them


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