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Thailand: Unprovoked Muslim genocide of Thai people for ‘being kafirs’ (Graphic)

This is pure, brutal Muslim hate and genocide of a people in their own home country for no reason than being Buddhist. Is this what we want our future to be? Buddhists are being murdered for no other reasons than being kafirs. Thailand has no history of wars in any Islamic country, so they cannot blame it on the usual reasons for their incessant violence against innocent people.
Where is the UN? Where is Amnesty International opposing this savagery? They shine with their silence.

Have you ever wondered how Muslims acquired Christian, Jewish and pagan (Hindu) countries and regions through history known today as Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar – which now total 51 countries?

This is how.

Thailand is experiencing Muslim genocide of their people in what is officially called Muslim Military Insurgence. But all it is is Islam. Muslims are responsible for the same genocide in Burma (Myanmar). The Burmese government finally tackled the issue the only way they could by leveling Muslim areas, killing attackers and driving Muslims out of their country. For this, Burma has been accused of “Human Rights Violations”. Why did no one come forth and accuse the unprovoked slaughter of Buddhists to be a Human Rights Violations? Where is the public outcry of Human Rights Violations against the Thai people? Neither governments or media have done anything at all to denounce the Islamic genocide of the Burmese and Thai people and offer them backup and weapons to fight the evil they experience. Governments are, however, providing funding and weapons to radicals in the Middle East cloaked as rebels, to overturn their leaders and install an extremist government.

Muslims account for a mere 4.6% of the total Thai population (35% density in the South bordering Malaysia), yet have been spreading fear among the indigenous Buddhists of the region, using violence and brutality. To date more than 5,000 Thai buddhist’s have been slaughtered by Muslims. They have resorted to the random killing of Buddhists, including school teachers and Buddhist monks. When the Muslim population grow to such density, this is what tend to become the reality. Pay in mind that Europe is only 30 years from reaching a 35-40% Muslim population. The Thai people tried for many years with peace offers, negotiations, signs of friendship but nothing helped.



(Warning: Graphic images)
SINHALE  Muslim “separatists” [aka devout Muslims] have increasingly and openly rallied against the central government of Thailand, accusing it of ethnic-religious bias, discrimination and corruption. A brutal attack on a Buddhist temple in the town of Pattani in 2005 is seen as an attempt by militants to deepen the religious divide between Muslims and Buddhists in Thailand’s deep South.

Although separatist violence has occurred for decades in the southern region, the campaign escalated in 2004. Over 4300 lives have been lost since the year 2004 owing to Islamic insurgency.  Buddhist monks have been beheaded, children killed and civilians attacked.More than 500 people have been killed in 2004 in three southern Thai provinces. Massive killings occurred throughout the mid to late 2000s and as of 2010, nearly 4,000 people had been killed due to insurgent violence.The death toll has increased to 2,579 by mid-September 2007 and surpassed 3000 in March 2008. By the end of 2010, insurgency-related violence had increased.  In the first few weeks of January in 2011 nine Buddhists have been killed in Southern Thailand by Islamic terrorists.

According to Western government, this is not a Human Rights violation. They have screamed and complained that Muslims are subject to Human Rights violations when the people of Thailand and Burma try to defend themselves. But this unprovoked Muslim violence is apparently not.

According to Western government, this is not a Human Rights violation. They have screamed and complained that Muslims are subject to Human Rights violations when the people of Thailand and Burma try to defend themselves. But this unprovoked Muslim violence is apparently not.

In a separate attack four members of Thai armed forces have been killed. Many Buddhists have left their traditional home in Southern Thailand in order to escape the ongoing Islamic insurgency.

Southern Thailand resembles modern day Afghanistan and Somalia because in both these nations the radical Sunni Islamists show their extreme intolerance of other faiths. In addition to Buddhists, moderate Muslims are also being killed by radical Sunni Islamic fanatics of Southern Thailand. The methodology of killing is intended to spread fear to all who oppose the Islamization of Southern Thailand.

The sign on his motorcycle says, in Thai script, "If Thais continue to capture/kill Malaysian (Muslims) in Thailand, we'll continue to kill Buddhists." Muslims never care to consider that they start all violence and aggression. They want to be aggressive to non-Muslims while subjugating them to retaliation if they object - always playing the victim card.

The sign on his motorcycle says, in Thai script, “If Thais continue to capture/kill Malaysian (Muslims) in Thailand, we’ll continue to kill Buddhists.” Muslims never care to consider that they start all violence and aggression. They want to be aggressive to non-Muslims while subjugating them to retaliation if they object – always playing the victim card.

Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak, a Professor of International Relations at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University says “The gruesome fashion of beheadings of Buddhists by Muslim assailants … is not normal violence…” “it is driven by deep animosity and hatred.” Muslim extremists believe that violence, including killing civilians, is justified as a means to restore sharia or Islamic law and maintain Islamic cultural identity. According to the adherents of this brand of Islamist activism, they are engaged in a jihad or a holy struggle against Islam’s enemies, including even fellow Muslims who have abandoned what the extremists view as “true” Islam.

A thai buddhist attacked on his motorcycle and beheaded in unprovoked Muslim attack in South Thailand.

A thai buddhist attacked on his motorcycle and beheaded in unprovoked Muslim attack in South Thailand.

In the last decade, there has been evidence that Islamic institutions of foreign Muslim nations have been involved in promoting Islamic radicalization and the doctrine of Islamic Jihad in Thailand. Thai authorities knew for quite some time that many Muslim Thai activists had been to overseas Islamic schools, where they came under influence of hard-line Muslim teachers. Some were reported to have joined the jihad against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan and returned to Thailand as extremists.

This man's attackers tried (unsuccessfully) to hack off his head. The majority of the general population is now complying with the dictates of those who wish to impose Sharia. It took about eight to ten years of Muslim daily violence, about 15,000 dead and wounded, and the start of a mass exodus of non-Muslims about four years ago that further increased the proportion of Muslims in the overall population.

This man’s attackers tried (unsuccessfully) to hack off his head. The majority of the general population is now complying with the dictates of those who wish to impose Sharia. It took about eight to ten years of Muslim daily violence, about 15,000 dead and wounded, and the start of a mass exodus of non-Muslims about four years ago that further increased the proportion of Muslims in the overall population.

This brand of Islamist extremism is not a new phenomenon. The basic sentiment of today’s Muslim extremists has flourished in the Islamic world for decades. In recent decades the newfound wealth of the oil-rich Middle Eastern Islamic countries and massive immigration of Muslims to the West, Islamic fundamentalism has been on the rise and the dormant spirit of Jihadism has been rekindled once again.

Unprovoked attacks and brutality on local Thai people in the south: Victims on a railroad bridge; one body has been draped over a girder; the other has been placed on the tracks and cut in half by the wheels of a passing train.

Unprovoked attacks and brutality on local Thai people in the south: Victims on a railroad bridge; one body has been draped over a girder; the other has been placed on the tracks and cut in half by the wheels of a passing train.

Overall, it is clear that elements within Southern Thailand desire a non-Buddhist land. The younger generation of Muslims are being brainwashed against Buddhists. This hatred and alienation of the younger generation began after many studied at international universities throughout the Middle East. Funding from the Middle East is being used to spread radical Sunni Islamic versions of Islam.

Although the hidden war in Southern Thailand by radical Sunni Islamists is being aimed at moderate Muslims and Buddhists alike,  the Buddhists it is feared face complete annihilation and one day Southern Thailand may end up like Afghanistan, Central Asia, and other areas which once had thriving Buddhist communities.

History reveals vividly how Muslims invaded many former Buddhist countries and subjugated their people subjecting them to extreme forms of violence and untold misery unless people converted to Islam. There have been problems of a varied nature in all countries where Muslims form a minority.  Indonesia and Malaysia were Buddhist countries at a certain time in history.

With Muslim invasions most of the Buddhists in these places were either killed or converted to Islam. More recently in 2001, in the name of Islam, the Taliban destroyed the world renowned monumental Bamiyan Buddha statues built in the 6th century, citing that these were ‘idols’ which are forbidden under Sharia law in Islam. These actions show disrespect, disregard and sheer indifference towards people of other religions. Such attitudes do not allow any community to assimilate with other communities, especially with mainstream communities in countries where they live as a minority.

(Video below) Notice how this British media report try to portray the Muslims as victims. The entire are is suffering from Muslim initiated violence and aggression. The aggressors are now painted as suffering and marginalized ‘victims’:

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  1. Please, Please, Please stop calling these bigoted, violent hatemongers ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ Muslims. They are NOT. They are Orthodox, true believing Muslims following the violent, hateful teachings of Mohammed and his malevolent deity, Allah, to the letter. Muslims who don’t commit these atrocities and believe this isn’t real Islam are the true ‘radicals’ and extremists’. They are called slackers and apostates in Islam.

    Any nicer teachings in the Qur’an were all abrogated/cancelled by the later teachings once Mohammed moved to Medina and became a bandit and warlord, forcing people to convert, mass murdering those who wouldn’t, robbing passing caravans, raping captive women and taking them as sex slaves or extra ‘wives’, lying, breaking treaties etc etc etc.

    The ‘Verse of Sword’ (“. . . slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush. . .” Qur’an 9:5) abrogated 113 previous less hateful verses, verses Muslims use still to try to portray Islam as peaceful and tolerant, like ‘there is no compulsion in religion’ etc – all cancelled by later more hateful verses. (there’s not enough space her to print all the verses of hate in Islamic texts – a full 60% devoted to hate of non-Muslims!!! What other religion can be accused of that?)

    So please, Islam teaches clearly that it’s the duty of true Muslims to perform Jihad, and Jihad is clearly to fight and kill non-Muslims, especially ‘pagans’ like Buddhists, if they won’t convert. So those who are actively obeying Islam’s commands of hate and violence against all non-Muslims are True Believers. They’re Orthodox Muslims, not ‘Radicals’ or ‘Extremists’. To call them these things is to make it sound like they are departing from true Islamic teachings. They are not.

    • You are 100% right, in what you say about Mo-ham-mad, who killed raped and took non muslims as slaves. see
      All muslims MUST be expelled from Thailand ,for the sake of keeping Thailand Buddhist. As long muslims stay in Thailand there will always be problems

    • pisses me off how they call muslims “Asians” “north Africans” “Youths” “immigrants” anything to avoid the M word and risk being suicide bombed. kill every fucking worthless muslim, they are not human

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  3. AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP. we are already having problems here and it will only get worse. if we the people do not start fighting it now start telling everyone study get informed keep on your toes fighting to keep it out of our schools and government we already have some of the brother hood in the white house and security protest building mosque in the AMERICA they teach hate in them.

      • yeah!! damn those Christians for spreading love and forgiveness! how dare you tell me to love and forgive others! how dare you!

      • Those people are radical and extreme but this not mean that every muslim is radical and extrem. By the way the people here who say muslims should killed or something else are nothing better as those muslims, who killed those people.

        Those People are only bad murderer which hide behind a religion.
        The US, germans, christians and many more do the same. Maybe in a other time or in a different way but still the same.
        Murderer are murderer.

        I´m muslim and I´m not a bastard like those murderer.

        It doesn´t mean that all muslims must killed because a group of murderer hide behind this relegion. Because if this is the meaning it means also that all germans must kill or us americans or turks, or christians or koreans or all europeans or africans or every grouptype of people, because all of them killed, enslaved and raped humans.

        I think is only good if someone say that all badguys like this should killed or something else and not whole race.

        Sorry for my bad english. I´m german.


    • Bob smith ” All orchestrated by the ‘ ROTHCHILDS’ All wars are ,the last 8-9 decades ” Are you out of your mind, I suggest you get your head out of your backside and breath some fresh air so you can think straight. It is muslim sympathisers like you or a convert like you to Islam who are big problem. Now see and I also suggest you read Quran to know the EVILS of islam.

  5. How can the Jews be responsible for these atrocities. If anyhting disastrous happens, it is the fault of the Jews. Bob Smith, you are despicable and perhaps you deserve a similar fate to those pictured beforehand. Islamists!!! Sickening.

    • kreutzer33 ” Apparently even Buddhism is a threat to Islam .This is what happened in a country with only 4.6% muslims population ” Are you serious? No only with 4.6% muslims population in Thailand, but with only 0.1% muslims population are threat NOT only to Thailand but also to any non muslim countries .Muslims MUST be wiped off the face of the planet.Period.see

  6. The Innocent Prophet is the film that will help Muslims know the true face of Muhammad, as the creator of the false religion of Islam to achieve his own goals. It’s time to clear all doubts and accept that Muhammad was not a prophet but was a mobster, murderer, abuser of children and a self-proclaimed prophet.

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  10. Well it just sounds like the muslims are taking a page out of the americans book going to someone elses country and killing them for no reason

    • Wake The Fuk Up. Read some basic history of it. Mohameddans have been invading and so on since Islam began 1400 years ago. In case you don’t know, that was long before USA was invented.
      READ! history of that period…Persia, Syria, Jordan, Turkey.
      Turk Muslims invading South/Central Europe.
      India, invading periodically and killing millions since before 1000 AD. Only stopped with the rise of the British Empire.

  11. Except the Muslims have been at it since long before America existed as a nation. Glad to see you paid attention in school, dipshit. I’m betting the most heard phrase at your job – if you have one – is, “I’ll have a large fry and a coke with that, please.”

  12. Read the history of Muhammad. He had to pay recruits to believe in Allah and that he alone was his messenger. He lied, stole, murdered, raped, this is the KKK without the robes and should be treated as such. It truly is a cancer on the face of the earth and the world needs to wake up and do something about it. Muhammad was coming up with visions from God to benefit himself and the people close to him. Sever this cancer on mankind.

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  15. According to Muslim Canon Law the world is divided into two camps, Dar-ul-lslam (abode of Islam) and Dar-ul-Harb (abode of war). A country is Dar-ul-lslam when it is ruled by Muslims. A country is Dar-ul-Harb when Muslims only reside in it but are not rulers of it. That being the Canon Law of the Muslims, India cannot be the common motherland of the Hindus and the Musalmans. It can be the land of the Musalmans—but it cannot be the land of the ‘Hindus and the Musalmans living as equals ‘. Further, it can be the land of the Musalmans only when it is governed by the Muslims. The moment the land becomes subject to the authority of a non-Muslim power, it ceases to be the land of the Muslims. Instead of being Dar-ul-lslam it becomes Dar-ul-Harb. To escape from Dae-ul-Harad emigration (Hijrat) to lands under Muslim rule is one of the Muslim Cannom Law.

    Hijrat is not the only way of escape to Muslims who find themselves in a Dar-ul-Harb. There is another injunction of Muslim Canon Law called Jihad (crusade) by which it becomes ” incumbent on a Muslim ruler to extend the rule of Islam until the whole world shall have been brought under its sway. The world, being divided into two camps, Dar-ul-lslam (abode of Islam), Dar-ul-Harb (abode of war), all countries come under one category or the other. Technically, it is the duty of the Muslim ruler, who is capable of doing so, to transform Dar-ul-Harb into Dar-ul-lslam. ” And just as there are instances of the Muslims in India resorting to Hijrat, there are instances showing that they have not hesitated to proclaim Jihad. The curious may examine the history of the Mutiny of 1857 and if he does, he will find that, in part, at any rate, it was really a Jihad proclaimed by the Muslims against the British, and that the Mutiny so far as the Muslims were concerned was a recrudescence of revolt which had been fostered by Sayyed Ahmad who preached to the Musalmans for several decades that owing to the occupation of India by the British the country had become a Dar-ul-Harb. The Mutiny was an attempt by the Muslims to reconvert India into a Dar-ul-lslam. – from book ‘PAKISTAN OR THE PARTITION OF INDIA

  16. If only Hitler could had put on more emphasis in killing these crazy Moslems instead of the Jews.., the world could have been better…

    • Mary Kay Acuario ” If only Hitler had put more emphasis in killing these crazy Moslems instead of the Jews ….” You are very much wrong, because majority of people don’t know who the real Nazis were and are. Please see and also go to YouTube and type ” hitler and mufti of Jerusalem ” For the first time in your life you will learn some thing.

  17. Hitler didn’t kill any Muslims because he was aligned with them in WW2 (1935). Persia was renamed Aryan (comes from Arius 300ad, a deceiver). In Farsi it means arian. These people are modern day Nazi’s. They are also described in the Bible as beastial men. This all fits very nicely in the war of good and evil we all are involved in right now.

  18. Why can’t all of these religions of peace live together and respect one another? I for one cannot worship a God who advocates the murder of innocent people. God should be benevolent and good not wicked and murderous. I have come to believe that religion is the byproduct of ignorance and ignorant people. They use God as the reason to kill or do bad things and that makes it all right. It is OK to rape a 9 year old girl because God said so. I can kill my neighbor and take his property because God said it was right. I can treat women worse than livestock because God said too. God made me the chosen one so I can do to you whatever I want and it is righteous in the eyes of God. It is written in the book and there isn’t anything in the book that is wrong, not rape, pillage, or plunder.

  19. Over 1,000,000 civilians have been murdered by U.S. forces in Iraq & Afghanistan since 911. That’s not including all of the people murdered in Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen… etc. by drone strikes.

    And of course this doesn’t include the concentration camp known as PALESTINE either. Paid in full by U.S. taxpayers.

    Murder is murder. Murdering civilians on either side is an evil act of a COWARD. COWARDLY people carrying out the COWARDLY ACTS of the COWARDLY governments.

  20. Religion is a load of s**t and there is no proof he excists …there just killing over a imaginary freind.them pictures are sick, that poor little girl .pedo files .i hope you rot in hell

  21. These , Muslims Are Really A “Curse” , For The Entire World, In The Name Of Their Insane “Religion” , They Are Murdering The “Christians” , “Buddhists”, “Jews”, “Hindus”,”Sikhs” And The Others…. One Thing For Sure Is That By Being “Tolerant” To These “Intolerant” & “Brutal” Animals Is Not The Remedy OF The Problem…. In The Words Of Napoleon—-> “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!”. So It Is High Time To Take Some Serious & Strict Actions These “Parasites”, Before They Eat Up The Entire Humanity And Make This World A Barren Place……

  22. yawns~.. a blog runs by jews, whats new. is this all u can do? spread hatred, false informations amongst mankind through out the net? pure ignorant. you should be ashamed. and stop talking about human rights when your country trying to invade killing innocent children in gaza and most part in the mid-east. pathetic. oh ya, those pictures got nothing to do with muslims. thai(asean region) people are must more peace, united than you morons out there.

  23. It is a simple fact of history that wherever Moslems are allowed to settle or invade a area in sufficient numbers they have invariably become a problem for their neighbors. This has not happened just some of the time. It has happened 100% of the time. In every historical instance.There are large numbers of people in the west who think that somehow, because they have a modern liberal secular set of beliefs and live in free countries, that their acceptance of islam among them as “just another religion” makes them immune to all that historical precedent. Delusional thinking at it’s most self destructive.

  24. Muslims worship a black stone in Mecca. Idol worship. Hypocrites. Take that stone away and see what happens to their blind faith. Muslims are supposed to always remember God, to always worship God and to be pure. There is no purity in creating fear and having blood on your hands, no matter what the reasons. Muslims will get the same genocide treatment they have given out. Karma is a bitch.

    • PRATIBHA ” Which seed develops into such hate ????? ” The seed of Islam, and Quran that is the main cause. From Quran Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [ infidels/kafurs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” Qura is full of hate , you should read it to know the truth about the evils of islam. See 3w’sdot thereligionofpeace dotcom ” thereligionofpeace ”’ 1 word

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  26. At start i wanna say sorry because my english is poor.
    For me is no matter who do this things to people (like we can see here) or animals. If i could catch someone of those guys to hang them on the lantern for warning others like them..
    If someone kills for relligion or for the money… For me is plain rubbish…
    After all i know that I will be like them but we need to fight with the agression somehow…

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  28. I’ve said it before, and I say it again: islam is a nazi-like, nihilistic death cult, whose malignant narcissism can only be truly understood in terms of psycho-pathology. I live in Sweden, and sadly our leaders have come under the spell of this Devil worship. Tens of thousands of “refugees” poison our land every year, and while I don’t suggest they are all sunni nazis, they ARE muslims (except the seculars), and since islam IS a nazi-like, nihilistic death cult, whose malignant narcissism can only be truly understood in terms of psycho-pathology, we are under the coming threat of a similar uprising. These anmials can only be dealt with through EXTREME retaliation, every bit as vicious as the one we see in the photos above, and I urge civilians everywhere to arm themselves, wherever they are. Because the “clash of civilizations,” so often spoken about, IS coming.

    And, for God’s sake, stop spreading antisemitic bullcrap about JEWS being responsable for this shit. Everything that is going on in the world at the moment, is the exact opposite to “jewish interest.” You antisemitic wankers are every bit as intellectually corrupt as the sunni fuckheads we are supposed to UNITE against.

    Jesus on a fucking stick, I sometimes wonder why I bother..

  29. Christians and jews die first as was prophesied in the bible’s revelations by the hands of these leeches. Read the book of Revelations to find out the true “god of islam”. his name is Al-lah to arabs, Apollyon to the Greeks, and Abadon to the Hebrews/Jews. Apollyon/abadon/Al-lah and whatever name he goes by is known as the DESTROYER with 200 million warriors world wide, yes, beast like in natural instinct/impulse, they look (looked) like women (to apostle John that wrote the book of Revelation) and they have the power to “sting” for a specific time period. Satan’s time is ending. the more we suffer, the sooner Jesus Christ returns, and will destroy their dark wicked Messiah. you really don’t have to dig too deep in natural history to know this was a predicted event and that Hell has been opened up (that’s where these muslim child raping bastards come from) and I don’t cry when muslims die. There will never be co-existing with them. co-existence is a fantasy that comes at the expense of a pile of human beings. co-existence or the muslim version of “peace” only happens if you convert. they paint you as a target (military term) after all other supplies of bodies runs out. since no 2 religions are the same, there is no such thing as co-existing with them especially a religion of military right (rite) and population control like islam. Christians go out and spread food, shelter, clothing because we believe that humans have a basic right to survive. Christians believe in free-will, meaning if God hates your religion, God deals with you, not us. but Jesus Christ teaches that you are to be respected for your beliefs and that we are not to adopt them but we are still to treat you as a brother, a friend, a neighbor, basically like one of our own because you are HUMAN. Islam only teaches that if you refuse islam or rally/protest islam that you are to be annihilated. no rhyme, no reason, just death, and death never discriminates. Islam only discriminates while you’re alive. Christianity doesn’t discriminate. Christianity says that human lives are not a commodity. Christianity says stop putting prices on people’s heads because you can not satisfy the God we serve with sacrificing your own lives or the lives of any human being no matter what you believe. your death does not satisfy our God. God let his OWN flesh and blood come to atone for the sins of the world so that we human beings would stop killing each other thinking that our lives suffice or appease God. God gave you free-will. Islam takes that free-will away. no debating the obvious. Buddhists PRACTICE Peace, they don’t just preach it. Buhhda is not Jesus Christ but there has never been a reason to slaughter them. Buddhists don’t interfere with other religious practices like Islam does. you could be a wiccan and still not ever come close to the prophetically prophesied murderers as muslims do. since when were muslims ever victims? how can anyone co-exist with muslims when there is a gun in their face or a bomb under their car, or a scimitar against the back of their neck? in what reality/dimension/corner of the universe, can people co-exist with muslims and not face extinction or hostile take over? I’d like to find that “co-existence” without converting if you don’t mind.

  30. rearrange the words a little and change some words and you basically have the homosexual belief said in Arabic. that quote at the very top of the page from the muslim brotherhood. yeah that one. change a few words and you have that man-boy love motto. it’s basically a sterilization process supported by muslims, exploited by muslims, where you first kill the attraction between opposite sex and through abortion you destroy the reproductive organs/capability of any race that muslims are exterminating. and we help support it. as an American I won’t deny that the country I dwell in has been hijacked hastely or that we now cater to muslims and have completely abandoned the freedom that americans once believed in. I will deny that Christians have not been part of the problem. Luke warm Christianity lets muslims take over and eradicate us from within, I compare islam to an anaconda with one of it’s heads in America and the other heads (hindu’s naga) in or on other continents simultaneously squeezing the life out of our countries. their poison that we are all hypnotized by comes in the form of their own purposely and dutifully starved women and children, abused by their own people so that our countries would stoop so low that we let them in. this is how they bite. we apologize for being loyal to our countries for standing up against infiltration, annihilation, and total extinction. it’s bad enough they go around polluting our water, our food, our air, but that takes too long so they resort to on the spot public execution style mass slaughter. I know people want to blame Christianity or Jews or what the bible takes account of and historically recorded as “killing of innocent lives” but you either never knew or ignore the fact that these “radical religions” like islam are a surviving line of the ancient “hero’s of old, men of renown” nephilim, that openly rebelled against God. those angels had the same free-will that God gave us but we (mankind/humans) were given the kingdom of Earth to inhabit and those angels did not have the same physical bodies we have today, for that matter neither did the ancient Hebrews. the fact is that when God told Joshua, David, Solomon, et cetera, to go and “kill” these other nations, it was those who rebelled against God to begin with that were being destroyed. Nations just like islam today that kills other nations for idol worship while muslims themselves worship idols, practice witchcraft or jewish mysticism which God specifically forbode, and about the sexual side of islam, the word pedofile never exists in islam. Islam never puts the words Child Rape in their vocabulary because it’s not a sin in the Islamic religion. Non-muslims call it child rape, muslims call it arranged marriage or child brides but even then, muslims don’t see any thing wrong with children (as long as it is their own) “fulfilling their Islamic duty” through marriage. our non-muslim children are exposed to the most lewd sexual acts in our public education system (just like in Sodom and gammorah) and no one sees that as child rape. no one protects children from that manner of child rape in our country because supposedly homosexuals or the sexually curious the same rights we do. virginity or the practice of controlling your sexual impulses has become so taboo even in our American culture that for anyone to protest it, we end up getting guns in our streets through gangs, bombs planted everywhere, police forcing it down our throats and no protection by our own military. fear is what gives islam it’s power. I forget which philosopher it was that said it but another commentor quoted a different version of it, the quote is: “All Evil needs to progress, is for GOOD men (and/or women) to do absolutely NOTHING”. all this co-existence crap is basically you laying down paving the red carpet and laying it down for their muslim god of destruction to come waltzing in taking over proclaiming he is king. you accept their Islamic violent version of peace, you basically accept the mark of that beast. you can not buy, sell, trade or speak if you refuse. “dead men tell no tales”. HUMANITY not just American’s have been promoting this form of “peace” by being cowardly and accepting it as “just another religion”. several songs you should listen to that are very prophetic some heavy metal some Christian some anonymous. Nine Inch Nails: Head like a HOLE, DC TALKS: wish we’d all been ready, Scorpions: Humanity (always thought this song was most appropriate for the apocalypse), Kamelot’s: March of Mephisto, et cetera. you get the point. it’s not a new thing to be taken over by another race but America was not formed by slaughtering other human beings. the original settlers came to escape persecution and start a new life, until English, spain, and even france (the countries we were escaping) came and wanted a piece of this new continent. England came from the north, France came from the south and through the Gulf of mexico, while spain came through the Gulf of mexico and mexico and the Caribbean. those nations brought slaves with them (England preferred white slaves as did some French but a majority of French and Spanish invaders needed another race of people ((that could survive in extreme heat)) to do the work down in the bible belt states). Original colonists fought to free those slaves and let them work as they wished, live where they wished, exist as they wished, and even if the south never admits it, the North won. or did you forget about the revolutionary war and the civil war some decades later? usually, war is the result of freeing people. not the excuse for slaughter or mass murder or extermination as a nation like Islam believes. Freedom is never free. the cost comes at the expense of lives of those willing to fight for, and those willing to fight against, freedom. we fight FOR freedom. Islam fights AGAINST freedom. if our united states Christian interference giving nations free will to choose their own fate, lifestyles, political system, et cetera is what you call “killing of innocent lives”, than your definition of innocent is just as twisted as your argument supporting islam. Innocence doesn’t come with guns, slaves, famine, or absolute authority. there really is no point in arguing with beasts or beast like mentality. Beasts in the wild (animals) kill when they need food or are provoked, or when you endanger their young. Islam kills for the sake of killing. their religion is death. but what ever name they call it, as long as their happy right? as long as they give you a buffet of drugs or alcohol or politics or a supply of sexual objects (humans, animals, and non-living objects alike) as long as you have whatever makes you happy available, right? I guess my non-muslim mind can’t figure out senseless extermination. I guess my non-muslim mind can’t understand this “shut up and die” Islamic mentality. I guess my non-muslim mind can’t understand how locusts devour resources and destroy crops or how that relates to islam. I guess my non-muslim mind doesn’t quite understand death like islam serves up. my non-Muslim mind can’t understand how being silenced and poisoned through (drinking water, air quality control (or lack of), or cigarette smoke, et cetera) happens? I guess my non-muslim mind doesn’t understand why I see muslim gangs roaming my neighborhood street at night no matter where I move to, muslim gangs that get the police to chase them around while their “brothers” go and pour poison in our sewers and never face persecution for mass killing through the spread of literal poison? I guess my non-muslim mind can’t understand illegal dumping of nuclear waste in our city sewers or why anti-cyberstalking or gangstalking or stalking laws never apply to muslims? I guess I can’t understand how muslims in our country now control the survellience technology we once used to keep them out or how muslims now USE that survellience to paint, target, and kill any non-muslim world wide. I guess my non-muslim mind just doesn’t understand things like facebook’s anti-social friend request policy that punishes users for being social. I guess my non-muslim mind can’t understand what hostile take over means. maybe it’s just the television I watch huh? maybe I don’t really understand this “hate-speech law” that “silences the lambs”. I guess I can’t understand this obsession with legalizing drugs like marijuana which makes people so mentally and emotionally impaired that they basically agree to anything Islam wants. my non-muslim mind doesn’t understand the muslim version of crowd control or “peace” as they call it.

  31. check out this terrific site called (yes I frequent that site also). yes I know who the true Nazi’s are/were and what drives homosexuality and abortion in our faces and unto our children. People are being handed over to their obsessions so they can be too distracted to hear the screams of people (their own children included) being slaughtered on our streets, in our schools, in our homes, theaters, banks, business buildings, gathering places, and yes, that includes our churches. as if 9-11 was ever a first of it’s kind, I can remind you of the 30 plus years of slaughter (and some before I was born) that has been helping to usher in this acceptance of the god of death called islam. there was President Kennedy’s assassination, John Lennon’s death, Charlie Manson’s rampage, The Columbus Day storm, (and that all happened before I was born), then there was Geoffry dalmer (how ever you spell his name), Wako Texas, Timothy McVeigh, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Hurricane Katrina (look up Obama’s abuse of the “HAARP” facility and it’s purpose), O.J. murder trial (no one cared about the wife or her supposed lover being murdered), Princess Diana, Massive Hollywood stars dying of overdoses, 9-11, Massive school shootings, and more recently: Denver theater shooter, Japanese Tsunami, SINKHOLES, Boston Bombing(s) as in more than one, navy yard shooter, and again countless more school kids dying (mostly white or American school children whether their black or white as long as they are/were non-muslim) which continues on a daily basis, and oh I almost forgot about anything to do with the government. actually I didn’t forget I just didn’t think the government was important enough to gain publicity. Government problems like Enron, Halliburton, Clinton giving China our weapons plans and more, (no wonder we supposedly owe china something. now they can threaten us), not to mention Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae or General Motors, Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, (inside NYSE knowledge about stocks and/or mafia involvement), and the more recent government shutdown. as if we need to apologize for being slaughtered? Our death is just the cream filling and icing of Islam’s Deadly cake.

  32. it’s creepy that this anime exists. I have more recently fallen in love with a specific yet extremely creepy anime and Manga (Japanese Comic book and cartoon) created and designed by someone named Tite Kubo, or Kubo Tite, (Tite is his pen name). this quote came to my mind as I was about to go lay down. I have had really creepy nightmares recently ( I suffer from nightmares since I was a baby) that have these comic book characters in them but they look like real people instead of cartoonish. the main villain in the series is named Sosuke Aizen or Aizen Sosuke and in one English dubbed anime episode he says “Any Betrayal you can see, is trivial. What’s truly frightening and much more lethal, is the betrayal you CAN NOT see.” then he goes on to say “You’ve all been wonderful test subjects but now you’re usefulness has ended” or something like that and he was going to kill off his own experiments which were other human souls. creepy isn’t it how life mimics art and vica versa. Aizen creeps me out so much. so does Sephiroth from final fantasy the video game series. creepy creepy creepy.

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