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Australian Granny writes: ‘My beloved country is over — lost to Muslims’

I am a 69-year-old grandma, 5 foot 1 inch tall.

One day, I was in a Big W store and the loudspeaker said rails of cloths at chuck out price, so I walked over. A six-foot man pushed me into the racks as I went to get something, I just managed to save myself as a lady caught me from behind.

I said, “Excuse me, what do you think your are doing?” He replied, “I want clothes.” I said, “So do I. Where are you from?” He said, “Afghanistan”.

I said, “Well, in this country, people do NOT push little old ladies about.” He bent down and said to me, “when we take over and we will. I will remember your face. I will have you buried up to your neck and stoned to death. Now get out my way.” And he just started grabbing everything, people just got out his way, he was like a man possessed.

On another day, walking in our town centre going up to the cathedral, I came across some Middle Eastern men formed a chain across the pavement. I had to walk into the oncoming traffic, and as I did, they spat at my feet.

On another occasion, going to a government office, I had to walk through this chopping centre plaza, a district that has been taken over by Muslims and Africans. As I was walking, they started jutting their chins up at me and yelling in their language. The security man walked me back to the shops on the other side. As I got in my car I notices a black man about nearly 7-feet tall, a giant, his eyes were bulging. He had a big leather belt and was slapping it in his palm. I locked my doors and stared the engine. He was coming for me. I just went. Had I knocked him over, I would have kept going.

At my library, there were tons of blacks people. Some Muslims came to the hall next door, I was sitting, ordering a book from the library girl. A young black kid came in and punched the back of my chair so hard that it nearly knocked my chair over. He laughed and walked away.

The girl said, “Hey  you!” I said, “NO, don’t. If you do, he will wait for me when I get out.”

My life in my beloved country is over, they have won, Australia as we knew no longer exists! How I weep, my paradise gone.

15 thoughts on “Australian Granny writes: ‘My beloved country is over — lost to Muslims’

  1. Well like to see these arsehole start on me these peaces of shit should be sent back were they come from we don’t want them or need them in Australia spreading there barbaric ways what the hell is wrong with our government even asylum seekers that started the riots and set fire to the detention centre have received there visas according to the paper that is going to be great when they decide to do the same on the out side turn the boats back and load all of the on a plain and send them back before it’s to late if it is already to late


  2. I am rather astonished at the overwhelming rage I felt reading this. In this country we are brought up to respect our elders at least those of us that were brought up and not drug up by our hair. . Our scripture commands us to honor both our Father and our Mother. How utterly cowardly to bully a grandmother


  3. Marlene you go girl. we in my family know how to shoot also if the need comes up. I don’t want to. but will to protect me and mine. this is our so called leaders. I pray every day GOD will deliver the USA from obama. so much of this is his fault. but he keep on saying respect islam. and do not insult muslims and he bows to their higher up. not me GOD paid we are not to bow to no man. and my GODS words are law.


  4. I was in Australia 1988 and even went on the ferry at midnight after the opera to Manly Beach. Today no tourist could do that…stay in touch. love and peace Beverly


    • No joke. They’re NO better here, just fewer numbers is all. Unlike Europe, here they’re far more likely to be on the recieving end of Serious Trouble in trying the things they do in Europe.
      Our little city, well, I help keep Council informed and forewarned is forearmed.
      Also, this isn’t a Metropolis with PolCorr and such, these are Old School Prairie Folks, and there’s NO tolerance here for muslim acting-out. Those who cause trouble here, get their assets and bank accounts siezed, then deported back to somalia at their own expense and the balance left over is put towards damages and compensations.
      Also, more and more folks in our city are carrying any one of a number of personal defense weapons/devices as well as being Rural Urban, cries for help get attention and involvement here.
      Sometimes, smaller is better.


      • Believe me, I’ve seen it on vids, news and in-person. I’ve had them try to snatch the sumbol of Lyllith off my neck because it ‘offends’ them–too damn bad, and the last time it happened, I gave the muslim wannabe-shariah-enforcer a dislocated elbow and shoulder to remember as a lesson in manners. The crime rate when they first started coming here exploded, rapes, and I mean really violent life-threateningly bad ones, assaults on non-muslim males and First Nations people, all that good stuff.
        I carry a gun, and I know how to use it properly in self-defense, not point-and-shoot–I mean Gun Combat tactics & technique, how to fight and win.
        I won’t be some kowed victim because PolCorr says I should lie back and take it. We don’t want them here and are steadily making it impossible to be muslim and live here.
        As you say, they’re violent, destructive, extremist, useless, and NO municipality needs a criminal element like that.


      • They’re going to have to. Increasingly the citizens of nations in the early stages of islamification are demanding that muslim immigration be stopped and reversed.
        Treaties be damned–this is an invasion, and islam has all the pathology of Cancer combined with Rabies.
        Treaties and such have been broken before, time to do it again.
        The alternative?
        Civil War.
        The First Nations tribe here has run out of patience with muslims, and these aren’t half-drunk casino-Natives, this tribe seeks to keep the Old Ways alive and return to them, they’re not people to mess with and they’re pretty close to declaring War on the muslims here in the city. The only reason they haven’t done so YET is out of respect for the citizens and their safety.
        But muslims found on First Nations land, they’ve made it very clear that such invaders will be scalped. Old School.
        Many Natives now joke darkly about ‘carpets of muslims scalps’. They see muslims as the second invasion, and aren’t in a mood to accept it.

        So, the politicians better start smartening up and doing as they’re told and is what expected of them. People in the Western world are getting sick and tired of all this PolCorr islamist-enabled takeover.


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